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Help with Drive Pool


I installed a new drive in my WHS 2011 box.  As a result, my WHS Shares disappeared.  The new drive hijacked the Drive Pool's Drive letter.  Originally Drive Pool was the G drive, now it is the J drive.  When I log onto the server and open win explorer, all of the files for the pooled shares are present. 


How do I fix the problem, and keep it from reoccurring?  Should I name the Drive Pool drive deeper in the alphabet?  Thanks for help.



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This is why we generally recommend manually changing the drive letter to something not commonly used.

For instance, Y:\ or B:\. Neither of these are used often and should be available. In fact, Windows should never attempt to use B:\ normally, so it's a great letter for DrivePool.

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Not a problem.


If you're not worried about this, then it's fine.
Personally, I don't care (solar power FTW), so it's not a big deal. But we did have a ticket about this a while ago. And it does seem that Windows has hard coded behavior for this.

However, that said, IIRC, Windows 10 is supposed to drop floppy drive support, which means it should not have this issue.

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