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WHS2011 Shared Folders Disappear - restore tip that worked for me



Most of my server folders disappeared after I added an internal drive to my server. Drive letters were reassigned upon restart. After pool reconnected with new drive letter, most folders (some standard, some I created) disappeared in the Dashboard and those showing showed zero size...but could still be reached from the client computers. In the dashboard I tried to re-create and browse to connect to the folders (as they were all still in the pool) but got the error that they already existed so couldn't be done!


I tried to download the covecube utility from the wiki to fix, but couldn't save to a share. So instead of using a usb drive I created a new share to download to...and all the missing folders returned! Weird, but hopefully this will help someone else. 

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Unfortunately, this does happen.

The reason is that sometimes Windows will bump drive letters, like you've seen. We don't really have any control over this behavior unfortunately.


However, if you want (and we recommend it), you can change the drive letter for the Pool yourself. Changing it to something much farther along in the alphabet will help. Or even assigning it A: or B: would work as well (as these are almost never used anymore).


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Yeah, just change the shared location in the dashboard (or even use the WSS Troubleshooter to "Restore DrivePool Shares" to do this automatically)




If you're using anything else that uses the pool, then you may need to change that. But aside from that, there shouldn't be anything else to watch out for.

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