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  1. Got a damaged disk warning, said approx. 8600 sectors (2tb drive) could not be read. Used dashboard to remove it from pool, picked options to force removal and duplicate later. Would I get a warning if there were files that were not migrated or no message? Thanks
  2. Hi Drashna, Thanks for the feedback, once you change the pool drive to Z: or A:, then just go back into the dashboard and do the reconnect to each shared folder. Anything else to do or watch out for? Joe
  3. Most of my server folders disappeared after I added an internal drive to my server. Drive letters were reassigned upon restart. After pool reconnected with new drive letter, most folders (some standard, some I created) disappeared in the Dashboard and those showing showed zero size...but could still be reached from the client computers. In the dashboard I tried to re-create and browse to connect to the folders (as they were all still in the pool) but got the error that they already existed so couldn't be done! I tried to download the covecube utility from the wiki to fix, but couldn't save
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