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Drives not balancing..



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Yes, I noticed the (small) size differences as well which I do not understand but perhaps they differ in brand or in logical sector size.

Anyway, the bad sector HDD, is that I:? If so, then DP is trying to migrate all the data off of it. You could click on the DP symbol in the top left where it says "2" for more info.  Also I wonder whta DP says at the pool organisation bar just below where the screenpic ends.

I am not sure but I am thinking you should replace that HDD and, given how little space you have left, perhaps add another disk as well.

Edit: Or replace with a far larger HDD. Personally I prefer more and "smaller" HDDs (in your case, 6 or 8TB instead of, say, 12/14TB) as they are quicker to rebuild/replace but the cost is more energy use). With this much data I would also wonder about backups.

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StableBit DrivePool places files on the disk with the most available free space (absolute, not percentage). 


On 8/11/2019 at 3:12 PM, WickedLlama said:

Yes i do.  I do have one of them with a bad sector but idk if it would cause this. Also i notice each drive has a different size to them they are all 6TB drives...

If that's the case, then the "realtime placement limiter" arrow that you see is absolutely normal.  

It's trying to clear out the drive, to prevent data loss. 

If you clear the status and it comes back, then you should definitely consider replacing the drive. Especially if it's under warranty, as you should be able RMA it. 

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