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  1. Okay I will give this a go! Now what if I can not de-activate my current key...as my PC crashed.
  2. So I am doing a new build and need to know what the best way of making sure I don't lose data. Once I install the new drives is there anything I need to copy of the old PC or data to make sure my current config is not lost?!
  3. Yes i do. I do have one of them with a bad sector but idk if it would cause this. Also i notice each drive has a different size to them they are all 6TB drives...
  4. Yes they are defaults never changed them. Yeah i saw that too IDK why the red is there
  5. So i am getting some drives filling up sooner than others and it looks like the balancing is not working any ideas?
  6. I am not using duplication. I have an external drive that i am going to copy the files to then remove the bad drive from the pool and try to add the external drive to the pool...hoping it will be like nothing ever happen. The drive is just able failing with damaged sectors so i might not be able to copy everything but most i should be able too.
  7. So if i did a force remove and the files left on the disk...would i be able to take those files and put them on a new drive and re add it to the pool like nothing happen? Trying not to lose the files.
  8. Trying to remove a bad drive but i keep getting the following...any way to get it removed with saving the data?
  9. So i just had to remove my drive and reformat it and i just put it back in but as you can see it did not write fully across the drive any ideas?
  10. Yeah took me a bit to be able to remove the drive files keep being used closed out of everything and AV and i was able to remove it. Drive has been wiped and now running test should see in the AM and then going to re-add it to the pool. Love all these software's! Worth every penny!
  11. I was able to remove the drive from the pool. Now running CCleaner to wipe the drive. looks like there was one file that was bad on the drive.
  12. Removing it will just move all data on that drive to a new one? I don't have duplicate enable right now.
  13. Here is a photo of my trash from my email lol also was getting texts like crazy too! Now if I was to enable folder duplicate would I be able to just reformat the drive without losing data.
  14. Looking to enable duplication but just wanted to know what is the best one? Current config 4x 6TB Unduplicated 11.2TB Other 44.9 GB
  15. Scanner told me i have a 1 bad sector count. Any way for the software to repair it? Also i am using and the Notifications enable i keep getting text and emails none stop till i ignored the alert. I love getting the alerts but maybe adding a setting to only send a few instead of ALL the time or maybe set it by hours or days...
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