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Feeder drive failed, removal impossible


Hi there,


Back with some new troubles  :huh:


My feeder disk (WD Black 750GB) has a bad sector and some SMART warnings under Stablebit Scanner, so has been marked as damaged.

Drivepool figure that out and start moving the data automatically.

This started 2 days ago, and is not finished yet...


I then try something else: I am deactivating the balancer for the scanner, to stop auto balancing; then reboot the server; then click on remove disk under DP.

DP works a while analysing the disks (it refreshes the usage stats), then stops not doing anything.

Checking the logs, seems that some files cannot be moved (check the log file attached).


Checking the logs for previous balancing operation, seems that a lot of files cannot be moved because of bad permissions.

Where does that come from?

I am not using the DP disks directly in any way, just through DP; so I cannot have modified the permissions on the DP folders myself.


Thank you for any help, I need to remove that disk to send it to WD for warranty.


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Some more details regarding my problem.

Seems that a lot of newly created files are in an inconsistent state regarding there permissions.

I use permission hierarchy on the folders of my pool; now some problematic files have not properly inherited permissions.

The problem is that I cannot change those permissions manually (logged as admin, I can only see the permissions not modify them).



Ok, ouch difficult jungling with NTFS perms.

In fact I was not able to change the perms as Admin because the Admin did not had the right to change the perms... (what is the purpose of an Admin account???)

Logging with the owner of the file, I was able to force inheritance for all child objects from the top level dir.

Anyway, that is very strange that DP requires some specific permissions to be able to deal with files distribution.

What are the minimal file permissions requirements by the way?



After fixing the permissions, the drive removal performed completely.

I just have this message in the log, don't know if I must be worried about:

DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [RemoveDriveFromPool] Error on final delete after drive removal for \\?\Volume{48868a30-b07f-4301-b7dc-5db4b3107ddc}\PoolPart.81f030f2-2871-42ff-a4a9-3b7c96ed41f4\. Unable to delete all files after removing pool part. 2014-02-10 10:37:30Z 6859883318

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Yeah, NTFS permissions can be .... :(

And yeah, just because the admin has rights, doesn't mean it can always access the files.



As for removing the disks, using the "force removal" option should have allowed you to remove the disk anyways.

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Just for reference:


1. There's a privilege level a step beyond Administrator: the SYSTEM account. It is possible to launch applications (including Explorer windows) as SYSTEM, but it involves a bit of shenanigans.


2. Even if you are logged in as an Administrator, there is a feature/bug of Windows (at least as of v7, haven't tested v8) that your Explorer windows default to running with only Standard user privileges. I don't recall the specifics, since I'm quite sick at the moment.


EDIT: for a workaround to #2, see http://superuser.com/questions/58933/how-do-i-run-the-windows-7-explorer-shell-with-administrator-privileges-by-defau

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