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  1. On my side I always had issues deleting files from a share on a DP drive. It very often halt in the middle of the deletion with the impossibility after that to do anything with the file. The solution I adopted is to move the files to delete in a special "recycle" folder that is regularly emptied by a scheduled job on the server.
  2. Perhaps the share permissions that are not correctly set... Got to your shared folder, right click / properties, share, permissions, and add "full control" to Everyone. Doing so will rely on the NTFS permissions only.
  3. Finally after a restart, the rest of the backup operation seems to be properly distributed across the four drives. Still do not understand why it behaved like that before, perhaps a bug in the balancing process that went away when restarting the service.
  4. Hi there, I am setting up a new PC to backup my server (perhaps soon a second DP/SS licence ^^). The config is that: * Windows 8.1 x64 * 4 x WD Red 4TB pooled, all set as archive, no feeder I have created a share called Backup$ on this computer. Then on the server, I am using SyncBack to perform a backup of folders located in a pool managed by DrivePool to that network share. After having to play a little with the folders permissions, the backup runs fine at > 100MB/s. My problem is that the files on the new PC are all going into the same drive; it is the 3rd one, do not know why. The balancing correctly says that they are not correctly distributed, and is triggered for rebalancing. But I am puzzled as why they are not balanced on the fly... Everything is checked to allow dynamic balancing in the options (see picture). Do you have some indication on how to solve that? I find it quite annoying to have to re-dispatch the files locally once they are backed-up through the network.
  5. Hi there, Did you find any explanation or fix to this issue? I am deploying DP to a fresh new PC and have exactly the same issue. Here is the setup: 4 WD Red 4TB in the pool Each disk freshly formatted, empty, and bitlocked with auto unlock Default settings for everything in DP All the drives added to the pool before doing anything in the pool drive Drive letter removed for the pool drive, and mount folder added
  6. Hi, I have posted the detailed logs to the ticket. Aside from the errors in the event logs, I experienced recently a complete WSB crash requiring a system hard reboot. Even if I have no guarantee that it is related, the only errors I get in the event logs are related to this problem. So for now, I will deactivate SScanner until a solution is found.
  7. Hi there, My backups are scheduled every two days at 6am. This morning, automatic backup with SScanner service deactivated and... went perfectly, no error at all in the Windows logs. Ok, that was kind of obvious as the errors report SScanner Service as the faulty process, but here is the confirmation. I will now reactivate the service with advanced logs, and update them asap.
  8. I posted here before getting your answer to my ticket. WSB mounts and unmounts the virtual drives very fast I think, because I have set the backup to be incremental so sometimes there is nothing to copy. Regarding stopping SScanner... mhh, I bought this tool so that it constantly monitors the smart infos on my disks, so it would not be a solution to me. I can try it for a week just to check if the problem is gone (which I suspect will be the case isn't it?)
  9. Hi there, Any news on the topic? Today my WSB crashed completely... Error reported in the event log, and impossible to open wbadmin. I had to hard reboot the server, as a soft reboot did not complete (in the logs it was blocked by a WSB process). I have no guarantee that this comes from my problem with SbScanner, but as it is the only one for which I have reported errors in the event log...
  10. I have uploaded the error reports. Thank you.
  11. Hello there, It seems that I have exactly the same problem. For me the symptom is that DP never finishes balancing (perhaps as it cannot remove some files due to access rights). The troubleshooter refuses to reset the NTFS access rights under Server 2012 R2. Where are documented the minimal rights to assign to files and folders? What puzzles me is why DP does not handle those minimal rights by itself... This is really a critical issue to me, DP should not ever let you modify the access rights on a pool it manages that would prevent it from... managing it, isn't it?
  12. Hi Christopher, To answer to your question, and like I say at the beginning of my post, yes this happens during the backup window. I think this happens when WSB temporarily mounts the shadow copies or whatever to perform the incremental backup. But, even if WSB is the trigger, the culprit remains Stablebit Scanner. The process logged for the error is Scanner.Service.exe not WSB. So the fix cannot come from doing anything with WSB to me, it must come from Stablebit Scanner by preventing those virtual disks to be checked. I will upload the error reports asap, as I am currently facing other issues with Drivepool failing to balance and to access duplicated files :/
  13. Hello there, I am using the register Scanner v2.5.1.3062 under Windows Server 2012 R2 x64, running some HyperV VMs. Whenever Windows Server Backup performs backups (during the Shadow Copy phase I think), I get lots of errors in the Windows logs like this: The Harddisk and volume numbers keep changing, and do not correspond to a real HDD in my setup. From what I read, WSB temporarily mounts virtual drives to perform backups. Those errors (~ 10 per backup) are raised by the process Scanner.Service.exe from Stablebit Scanner. I suspect that the Scanner sees those virtual drives, and tries to check them, but fails as 1. the drives are virtual 2. they are suddenly unmounted by WSB. Finally I get 2 errors from Stablebit Scanner: All of this does not seem very harmful, but is really annoying. Is there a way to avoid those errors? Thanks
  14. Hi gtechwi. In my humble opinion, I doubt it would work. From my understanding the feeder disk is only used for new files placements, not files modifications (which in your case seems to be the case). Isn't file write caching working fine for you? Or purhaps working on a ramdisk that is automatically synchronized to HDD in the background (my motherboard comes with a software to do that). But this to be only considered if your computer is plugged into a UPS.
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