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No file distribution on fresh install



Hi there,


I am setting up a new PC to backup my server (perhaps soon a second DP/SS licence ^^).


The config is that:

* Windows 8.1 x64

* 4 x WD Red 4TB pooled, all set as archive, no feeder



I have created a share called Backup$ on this computer.


Then on the server, I am using SyncBack to perform a backup of folders located in a pool managed by DrivePool to that network share.

After having to play a little with the folders permissions, the backup runs fine at > 100MB/s.


My problem is that the files on the new PC are all going into the same drive; it is the 3rd one, do not know why.

The balancing correctly says that they are not correctly distributed, and is triggered for rebalancing.

But I am puzzled as why they are not balanced on the fly...

Everything is checked to allow dynamic balancing in the options (see picture).


Do you have some indication on how to solve that?

I find it quite annoying to have to re-dispatch the files locally once they are backed-up through the network.


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Finally after a restart, the rest of the backup operation seems to be properly distributed across the four drives.

Still do not understand why it behaved like that before, perhaps a bug in the balancing process that went away when restarting the service.

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