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  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for getting back to me, I've been away on holidays so haven't been able to follow up on this. I was kind of hoping that it would have fixed itself over the past week while I've been away but no luck! I've ran the Wss.Downloader you linked to and I get an Access Denied message when I try and run with the Reset NTFS Permissions option. Drivepool is properly licensed AFAIK, I get no prompt and a "Deactivate" option when I go to Manage License. See attached screenshot from the Advanced security tab for the Media folder in the pool. Thanks for all of your help.
  2. I have recently updated to Drivepool from a previous version (I don't know what it was). After this update I am unable to create new files or copy files on to the DrivePool disk. I can create new files fine on the individual drives. Additionally all permissions have changed in all folders in the pool and when I go to the Security (riht click folder > Properties) tab I get the error "The permissions on Media are incorrectly ordered, which may cause some entries to be ineffective." (Media is the folder name). I've seen a previous post on here indicating that I should re-inherit all
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