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Drivepool apperantly causing BSOD after 1803 update


Hello everyone

A few days ago I updated my mediaserver to 1803 to get another piece of Software working. Since then my network-mounted drivepool seems to cause a BSOD (bad pool header). Please see the attachment for Whocrashed information. The behavior is pretty much like described in this thread: https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/3594-bsod-on-dp-after-updating-to-win-10-apr-18-and/&page=2. I can copy files from the network drive but as soon as I:

  • Rename files
  • delete files
  • or CTRL+X files

I get a BSOD. I made sure to update to the provided version of the aforementioned thread, did not help. Even downloading the newest version from the website did not fix this. 

Windows itself is updated with a two week delay. Thus every update provided by Microsoft two weeks or longer ago is installed. 

I am really looking forward to hearing from you.


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I have actually been having this issue for quite some time (months), but instead of investigating a solution I stopped doing edits over SMB and instead remote connected to the server and did my file changes directly from the server. I wasn't sure if the problem was with Drivepool or my hardware.


I just ran the StabeBit Troubleshooter, so you should be receiving some info from me with the dumps and whatnot. Some of the BSOD's referenced bad pool headers, but some did reference cove.fs. I'll try and run some memory tests as well to see if my memory is in good order.


But yeah, its instant crashes for me. If I navigate to a network path for a drivepool share, and do a cut/paste or delete stuff, instant BSOD. Seems the problem has been exacerbated lately where I can't even view the folder anymore over SMB without it crashing. 

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