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  1. Thanks for the help anyway guys, I’ve decided to cut my losses at this point. I have re-added the (now empty) drive to the pool and it seems to be working fine. The good thing is that I can tell almost exactly what I’ve lost... the folders are still there, just the files are missing!
  2. Hope this is the right pace to post! I recently started getting BSOD errors (bad pool header, which I now realise was due to an old version of drivepool) and decided to reformat. During windows re-installation I accidentally deleted a small partition on one of the drives, meaning I have some missing data now that my pool is back up and running. That drive is simply shown as empty now in windows. All the other drives seem to be picked up by drivepool and running normally. Is there any way i can fix this? i have a fair bit of the lost data backed up, but not all of it.
  3. Wish I had seen this thread a few days ago, was having the same BSOD issue for weeks and decided to reformat... in the process accidentally deleting the partition on one of my Drivepool drives... Mostly backed up at least!
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