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  1. Hello everyone, One of my disks has bad sectors and creases to work bit by bit. I tried getting as much data of it as possible and now I want to remove it from the pool. However removal by itself doesn't work. Neither do any of the three options given when removing a drive. Can I just physically remove the drive or will my pool get corrupted? Error-Message translates to "File or Directory are damaged and not readable" Greetings David
  2. I am happy to announce that I suddenly am unable to reproduce the Problem. Should It come back, I'll make a backup of the memory.dmp first thing.
  3. Hello everyone A few days ago I updated my mediaserver to 1803 to get another piece of Software working. Since then my network-mounted drivepool seems to cause a BSOD (bad pool header). Please see the attachment for Whocrashed information. The behavior is pretty much like described in this thread: https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/3594-bsod-on-dp-after-updating-to-win-10-apr-18-and/&page=2. I can copy files from the network drive but as soon as I: Rename files delete files or CTRL+X files I get a BSOD. I made sure to update to the provided versi
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