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File Recovery killed SMART Table!



Hi there,


got drivepool and scanner running on my server with some HDD´s. So one big HDD got some Bad Blocks. Not many at all, only 64K of unreadable Sectors and 240 unstable sectors. This state has been for some month now and everything was fine.


Anyway I started backing up my Data on other Disks. Figured out that some Pictures are broken and mentioned in Scanner.

I started File Recovery and set time to retry to "1" and started the magic.


The Server was running for a couple of hours, until I Received an email of an broken HDD. Great,,, looked SMART Data up and discovered that the File Recovery boosted the "read error rate" from zero  to "40659" and a value of "0.4%". Than I cancelled the Recovery Process.


"SMART is predicting imminent failure of this disc. code (0)"

OS is freaking out too. so i have to disable smart. that is not funny at all. :( 




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Hi, Vortex12.


Because under normal conditions a file system will try to avoid using damaged parts of a drive, and the whole point of File Recovery is to deliberately access those damaged parts of the drive to attempt the recovery of broken files, it's unavoidable that the Read Error rate is going to go up fast - and any decent OS that monitors SMART is going to flag this as a Bad Thing.


All that SMART knows is that there's a sizable number of pending dubious sectors and the read error rate is going up fast. Frankly I'd be a LOT more upset if it wasn't warning me about probable imminent drive failure!


(like, coincidentally, last night, when the OS drive on my home server died without any warning at all... :angry::wacko: )

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Shane is exactly right.


Specifically, what it does is use a bunch of different methods to read the damaged sectors. So that it's causing this would definitely be "normal" in this circumstance.


But this warning does indicate a mechanical issue with the disk. And those usually only get worse, not better.  And a good chkdsk pass may help.

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