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1.27 TB of "OTHER"



Hello, I have read through some google found "other" questions but none have rectified my issue. I am currently showing 1.27 TB of "OTHER" in DrivePool. Per the gray color on the drive bars it appears it is mostly on three drives. When I check those drives (and all drives for that matter) there is nothing outside the POOL directories. 


DrivePool version Beta

Total Pool Size 91.4 TB

Total number of disks is 31

Free Space 7.67 TB

Duplicated 82.5 TB

Other 1.27 TB

Icons present: 2x and NTFS

Pool Organization is green

All my DrivePool drives are not mapped to drive letters, but are mapped to C:/DrivePool_Drives/01 type identifiers


I attempted to utilize the below command and other variations per the instructions and all gave me a Parameter error. Maybe it doesn't like non-drive letter drives?

dpcmd check-pool-fileparts "C:/DrivePool_Drives/01" 0 

I don't know what else to try. I just want to ensure all my files are completely duplicated and safe from 1 drive failure. Thanks for the help. 

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First, take a quick read:




Try remeasuring your pool. That will sometimes fix this sort of issue.


Also, check the shadow copy settings (run "control system", check the "System Protection" option and try turning it off for the pooled drives). 



Additionally, try using a utility like "winDirStat" and index one of the pooled drives.  Make sure you run it as admin.


Also, are you using data deduplication? 

And anything outside of the "PoolPart" folders? 

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Thanks for the help. 


I am not seeing anything odd in winDirStat.

After remeasure it did not help, in fact it now is showing 1.3 TB as OTHER.

I am not sure what Data Deduplication is?

There isn't anything outside of the PoolPart folders.


From what I can tell on this drive, is it appears to have the proper amount duplicated. But it has 388 GB of OTHER. So that is where the oddness comes into play.


Below are some screenshots of what I am seeing in case that helps. 





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If you're not sure what data deduplication is, then you're most likely not using it. 


As for the other data then, my guess is that it's shadow copies then.  As they don't really "show up" normally. 


In this case, definitely check the "System Protection" stuff.  (run "control system" to get to it quickly).

Configure each of the drives that have the other data, and then delete the shadow copies.

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Hmmm...just let me chime in and kindly ask about the state of my similar issue, here? -> http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/3068-files-not-accessible-via-pool-but-still-there-in-pool-part-folders/&do=findComment&comment=21235


I am very busy ATM and not having access to the box often...but the problem still persists...lots, lots of TBs in unidentified "other" category.

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