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  1. ...I'd try the tools from intel to check the FW version of the expander. Maybe this would give away some more info about the inner specs and if another FW would work. At least from the naming it looks like an Intel or similar one...
  2. ...just to chime in here...remember that expanders have firmware too. I am running 1x M1015 + 1x RES2SV240 in my 24bay rig for 5+ years now....I remember that there was a firmware update for my expander that improved stability with S-ATA drives (which is the standard usecase for the majority of the semi-pro users here, I think). Upgrading the firmware could be done with the same utility as for the HBA, as far as I remember...instructions were in the firmware readme Edit: here's a linbk for a howto: https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/24075-solved-flashing-firmware-to-an-int
  3. Hi, ...don't know if my problem is related to this, but it looks similar in some way: ...I just noticed two "problems" after switching from 2.2.x beta to (and .906 afterwards). My system contains 3x 8TB Archive disks and 1x 2TB "SSD". In the SSD plugin, the 2TB is clearly marked as SSD and not as "Archive". When bringing in new files to the pool, these land on the 2TB disk. Problem 1: I now noticed, that the never got moved away and DP even start to use the Disk to duplicate them. Problem 2: When letting the box sit/idle forever (+24hrs), D
  4. ...AFAIR, when I re-installed windows, I had to add the disks to the pool manually...re-measurement started only after I added the first disk....but this was when Win10 hit GA and I moved from 8.1P to 10.
  5. I understand that for DP to work properly with the pool, it needs to gather the data, i.e. by means of a remeasure. What I don't understand is, that it started to do this, after a fresh install by its own. I remember when re-installing windows or moving the disks (and the licence afterwards) to a new machine, when I installed DP, it did not remeasure automatically.although the disks were present upon install. Hence my conclusion that the other method was not a clean/fresh install.
  6. Well, my assumption was, that after a complete remove, why does DP automatically start a remeasure.....only if there are some remains (the remove was not complete, hence). The fact that there are pool-part folders on some drives ?....I think this is not enough info to justify a remeasure (importing the drives into the pool before that, also silently), isn't it? After a fresh install, I think the user should decide what drives to import, shouldn't he/she? regards, Fred
  7. Errrmmmh...I followed your procedures and after the install of the newest beta DP instantly started to re-measure (so no chance for activating logs). Is it supposed to do that, as I thought I purged everything from the DP software on my system? Anyway...I am now down to 29GB, compared to 6.5TB (on 829beta). Looks like your install procedure is having some unwanted shortcuts and leaves remains of the old version? Thanks for your support...I'll consider that "fixed" or cured regards, Fred
  8. Thanks for your fast response. Uhmm...this is now several weeks old, but if I read my summary above, I must have been running 802beta when collecting the logs...the issue started with an older version and I updated in order to get rid of it. I am on an ever newer beta atm. ....anyway, I think it'll be best to re-install and re-gather the logs. I'll report back, as soon as I prepared them.
  9. Hmmm...just let me chime in and kindly ask about the state of my similar issue, here? -> http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/3068-files-not-accessible-via-pool-but-still-there-in-pool-part-folders/&do=findComment&comment=21235 I am very busy ATM and not having access to the box often...but the problem still persists...lots, lots of TBs in unidentified "other" category.
  10. Thanks Christopher for the response. I actually don't know if this is wrong...so far I only experienced the "smart" way of moving files, even with DP. Yes, I totally understand what might have happened, because DP is physically build out of real disks, each with its own filesystem. However, I was under the assumption, that DP has a"virtual" Filesystem layered on top, so as long as I move files between folders inside the pool, the operation would take place inside the virtual layer only and the smart way would always kick in hence. ...OK, maybe I had a too simple model in my head
  11. OK, this is strange, maybe someone can clarify a bit... I did a file move (using explorer, doing cut&paste) of a bunch of files. The move was from one folder into another, inside the pool drive. -> that was an instantaneous action , as expected. A couple of minutes later, I moved the same files into another folder of the pool -> this time, the whole bunch of 90+MBytes gets actually copied ...both actions were done locally, only working with the pool drive. What is going on here, I don't understand that kind of behavior ? regards, Fred
  12. Thanks you Christopher! I did run the troubleshooter and it reported the upload successfully. regards, Fred
  13. Thanks for your reply, Christopher and for your patience in looking into this. I really appreciate it. Ah, yes...here's a brief summary of the history of things: - pool running on with 3x 8TB disks and 1x 2TB disk as "SSD". - the "other" data reported on the pool was approx 400MB, which I didn't care about - However the balance between disk usage was very uneven, so I decided to remove the SDD and deploy the "Disk Space Equalizer" plugin on the pool. - had problem removing the SSD disk, so upgraded to - removing SSD disk and re-balancing the disk usage went
  14. ...really don't know if we are in the same situation here. At least the way both problems look alike made me post in this thread...but Christopher thinks that this is not the case. EDIT: running that elevated command brought down the "other" from +8TB to 2.7TB now...still way too much. See -> http://imgur.com/a/rI0oH
  15. Thank Christopher for your reply and your support. I did run WinDirStat (as Admin) on the pooled disks -> http://imgur.com/a/rI0oH There is nothing in the individual recycle bin(s) and +95% of all data on the disks is media data....at least, that is what I see. The disks are disabled from holding restore-points (if that is what you were referring to as versions/shadow copies ?!?) as well. I am also not using deduplication willingly (don't know how to configure it...running Win10-Pro which is a desktop OS...does it have that feature at all?) As for your request for the logs.
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