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ReFS drive and pinning directorys/metadata


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* Added the ability to create ReFS cloud drives.
- ReFS drives can be created starting with Windows 8 and newer (both in client and server editions).
- ReFS drives cannot be attached to OSes older than Windows 8.
- ReFS volumes can be up to 1 PB in size (and are not limited to 256 TB like NTFS). The 1 PB limit is the maximum drive size in StableBit CloudDrive and is not a
ReFS limit.
- The metadata pinning engine cannot yet pin ReFS directory entries.


I can't find anything more about this in the changelogs so I'll hazard a guess and say it's not yet supported.

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Yeah, ReFS doesn't support pinning, at this time.  


The problem is... we have to know the file system's data structure so we know what we need to pin.  


This means that we need to find GOOD documentation, source code, or reverse engineer the file system. 


The plus side.... we'll have ReFS Support in CloudDrive, Scanner and DrivePool (full support) at about the same time. 

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