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  1. I have data in Stablebit cloud drives that I would like to add to my local storage Drivepool. I don't wan't the cloud drive data modified/balanced other than initially seeding the PoolPart folder of each cloud drive. What would be the best way of accomplishing this? Would creating a separate Pool for the Cloud Drive and Local Drives then using Hierarchical Pooling work best? 1. Local storage drivepool is constantly added to but no file duplication is needed. 2. Cloud storage shouldn't be balanced or added to as its sole purpose will be to read data that already exists on it. 3. Folder names will mostly be the same on both the local and cloud drives when creating the drivepool. Any help with figuring out how to set this up would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. It does the reindexing no matter what computer I am testing stablebit on so there is definitely something going on here. Clouddrive will not use the indexing database that is already uploaded to google. Surely the others in this thread are still having this issue?
  3. Christopher, I am still having issues with CloudDrive re-indexing each of my 6 CloudDrives every time I restart my server and this process still takes over a day to complete for all of the drives. Nothing is happening to the Chunk Database as I can browse to Google Drive and view the file for each drive in the data-ChunkIdStorage folder. Does the file have to exist somewhere on the computer running CloudDrive for it to not trigger another scan at startup? I am currently running on version .929 but the same thing has happened on every version I have tried since the chunk database was implemented.
  4. I use SyncBackPro to schedule files to be copied to my cloud drive nightly. One thing I can't get to work correctly is if I want to setup a schedule to move files from one folder on my clouddrive to another folder in the same clouddrive, SyncBackPro wants to re-upload the files instead of just move them "in-place" like moving in windows explorer works. What's the function called when you move files from one location to another on the same cloud drive and not trigger a re-upload? I've searched for the answer to this problem but i'm not getting anywhere since i'm not sure what terminology to use.
  5. The indexing process runs after every restart for me. I go through the process of un-mounting the drives before a restart and I still have this issue. It takes a little over a day before all of my drives finish the indexing and are usable again. I am currently on .827.
  6. triadcool

    Drive Destroyed

    It does give you another prompt making sure that you want to proceed with destroying the drive once clicked. I do agree that this button should be in a different location altogether as to prevent any accidental destroys.
  7. Great news! I will very much be looking forward to that release. P.S. - I'm glad I won you the bet.
  8. I see that a Read-Only mode was added in .877. Can we now mount a single drive in two different places with one being in read-only mode?
  9. Version has fixed all of the corruption issues that I was having.
  10. I lost about 48TB of data because of this issue. :/ The issue started happening to me when I was on a older version for over a month. I didn't upgrade or change anything and started having this chunkid="" issue. Stablebit is not finding chunks that do actually exist in Google Drive. Open the technical details windows, and click on the "service logs" button. This will open up a new window that will show the service log output. Click on the "Tracing levels" button, the "C" group and open the "Chunk ID helper" section. Select "Verbose" and then reproduce the issue. Once you do the above you will most likely see something like this: 22:15:26.3: Information: 0 : [ChunkIdHelper:84] Chunk 366031 read (State=Found, ChunkId='') 22:15:26.5: Information: 0 : [ChunkIdHelper:89] Chunk ID for chunk 366031 is '' (via cache) 22:15:26.5: Information: 0 : [ChunkIdHelper:89] Chunk 366031 read (State=Found, ChunkId='') If you see the above with ChunkId="" then you are affected by the same issue as me and a few others. Again, the chunk exists on Google Drive (I have verified this many times) but stablebit doesn't find it which causes corruption.
  11. When you go into the technical details does it show a bunch of prefetch threads but with all of them downloading 0%? This may be the same corruption problem that at least myself and another are having.
  12. What did you set your minimum download size to when mounting the drive? If you have it mounted currently, you can hover your mouse over the area where it says the size of the drive in stablebit and it will display the minimum download size. You will want to set this to a higher number.
  13. Increase your download threads to more than 2 if you haven't done so already.
  14. I can confirm that the chunks still exist on Google Drive. This issue came up well before the Google outage on the 17th for me. I was never affected by the double CloudDrive folder issue.
  15. This is the exact issue that I have with 3 of my drives totaling around 48TB of data. I have two Google Drive accounts and this affected all of the drives on one of the Google Drive accounts. The 3 drives on my other Google account are fine at the moment. This issue affected all 3 of the drives at the same time while on version .723. I upgraded to the latest version with no change in behavior.
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