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  1. I attempted to add my school account to Stablebit clouddrive, and I got the following: "This application cannot be used because it is not allowed by your Box administrator." Is there anything I can do outside of contacting IT?
  2. OK, so I've been moving my data over to the new disk, but I've run into an issue. I setup a new disk of 25TB partitions and placed them in a pool. I then setup another pool that consist of my old drive and the new drive. The problem is that the old drive is now full, and I don't know how to setup drivepool correctly. I have the "Super" pool setup to duplicate data, so that data would be copied to the new drive, but as I download more things, the old drive eventually filled up. I've attached some images to help explain my setup and see if anyone can help me out of this.
  3. Thanks Christopher. So follow up question, what is the best method to create a separate disk and begin moving the data to the new drive? I initially thought that I would create a new clouddrive (H:) (pooled partitions of 25TB), and then create a "master" pool that consist of the old clouddrive (E:) and the new cloud drive. I would then change the drive letter to represent the initial drive letter of the old drive (E). I'm assuming I would then move my data folder in the pool folder on drive E:. I tried this, but Plex had an issue with it. I reverted to the config of a single clouddri
  4. I have a 100TB drive that is a "Pre-Release" drive and is currently separated into multiple 32TB partitions. Are there any legitimate worries in continuing to use this drive, or should I begin the process of migrating to a current drive? The provider is Google drive. For the migration, I'm thinking that I use drivepool to pool my current drives, and that I create another set of drives with a new connection, then I add both of my pooled drives into a nested pool. Would that slowly duplicate my data (about 30TB) from the old system into the new?
  5. Great information. Finally got it.
  6. I upgraded to and I've not been able to access my data since. I'm stuck in the "Stablebit Clouddrive is connecting to the provider and finding your data" screen for the last 40 mins. I use google drive, and I have about 5.5TB stored that's my back-end for Plex. Any idea what I can do to recover my drive?
  7. Done, and still getting the same issue. I've increased all the way to as much as 30, and for plex, it doesn't seem to help. It seems as though it's downloading 1mb at a time.
  8. I believe I'm experiencing this very same issue. Drive was created on 802.
  9. Hello, I'm having an issue where I'm able to upload data anywhere between 150mbps to 300mbps, however my download rates are consistently sub 20mbps (and at times less than 5). I'm on a synchronous 1gig connection. Anything I can do to troubleshoot this issue? I had envisioned being able to stream from plex, however, even at 8mb/sec trans-coding, I'm getting constant buffering, and videos take quite a while to load. Attached is fairly typical.
  10. Title says it all, after every reboot, Cloud drive seems to forget that I have a purchased version, and also that I told it to store the key for my encrypted drive. I have to re-enter this information after EVERY reboot. What gives?
  11. Would it be possible to do a read-only mount in the future? I would love to have a rented server in the cloud do all the uploading, then have multiple servers for read-only access.
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