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  1. Oh I'm sorry, no I didn't post a topic about the recovery before, that was another user. I did read that thread though. I have a hunch that the reason why the service might be crashing is definitely because i have such a large amount of cached data since my upload is so slow. My main concern isn't so much about the recovery as much as not being able to upload a single bit right now. I can download and open files but i just cannot upload them. I'll definitely put in a ticket soon.
  2. Hello! So i'm at a loss of what to do here. I am using the experimental ACD provider and everything was going very well up until a couple weeks ago. 1st, whenever my server would do a normal scheduled restart for windows updates or a reboot done by me, the stablebit drive would always need to do recovery and it would take like about 8 hours since i have such a large cache of course becasue my lame ISP only has 6mbps MAX upload (Disgusting). Any way to fix this? 2nd, no uploads have happened since December 20th. When I login to amazon cloud drive through the web browser though, there are fi
  3. Hello! Can i buy a second license for stablebit and simultaneously mount a drive here at my house, and then also mount the drive to the same provider from a dedicated server i'm renting? Home server - 1 license, mounted to provider A Dedicated server - 1 license, mounted to provider A Will it be the same exact drive and can both be uploaded and read from all the time?
  4. Hello, you need to turn on "Expiremental Providers" in the options. In the top right hit hte cog wheel and in the "Troubleshooting" dropdown menu there is show experimental providers.
  5. Can confirm it's been working great for me so far, and I understand that Amazon has not been forthcoming as they should. It definitely however is a provider I think most people are really eager to use with your awesome software. Cheers!
  6. .631 let me create a brand new drive and connect it with ACD. I just purchased this software about a week or so ago and it's working fantastic with .631 and amazon cloud drive so far.
  7. Thank you Eldite! I was seeing also that I could see my other computer in the dropdown where my current computer name is. This is much better to manage on the server, are there any builds that support Linux currently? The box i just built i ended up putting Windows 2012 R2 on just to be safe, but would really like a Linux box down the road. Thanks again!
  8. Hello there! I purchased a license and applied it to my desktop machine. I just built a server yesterday, and would like to move my stablebit drive to my server. I tried to install it and apply the license but it says that the license is not found for htis machine. If I uninstall the client on my desktop and not use it, will it free up the license to use on the server? Do I have to purchase another one entirely if i only use it on the one machine? Also, will i have to reupload my stablebit drive to my provider when i set it up on the server instead of my desktop? Or can i just reauthorize a
  9. Thank you so much, i'm not sure why but before when i was using the .631 it was still taking me to the amazon developer website instead of the normal consumer amazon cloud drive login. Yet, just now when I tried it after reinstalling it took me to the correct one, maybe I'm going senile! I got it working correctly with the version you advised, I really appreciate it. I ended up purchasing it tonight ! As I'm uploading with a really slow up speed 5mbps which is the max here, would it be better for me to have it cache on a slower but bigger NAS drive (Like a Western Digital Red NAS 7200 dri
  10. Hello Covecube! I'm loving this piece of software and can't wait to utilize it. I plan on purchasing, but I need to find a provider first, I'd prefer Amazon Cloud Drive due to the really nice low cost, but if that doesn't work I"ll most likely be using Google Drive I believe, because I'd like to have up to 8-10 TB if possible for my storage. I realize that Amazon isn't currently in production, but I mistakenly somehow downloaded the .463 version, and it works really beautifully but just learned that that version is older. I was able to upload quite a lot at my maximum mbps upload rate that
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