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      Getting Help   11/07/17

      If you're experiencing problems with the software, the best way to get ahold of us is to head to https://stablebit.com/Contact, especially if this is a licensing issue.    Issues submitted there are checked first, and handled more aggressively. So, especially if the problem is urgent, please head over there first. 
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No Upload since Dec 20th. Downloading still works fine. ACD .784



So i'm at a loss of what to do here. I am using the experimental ACD provider and everything was going very well up until a couple weeks ago.

1st, whenever my server would do a normal scheduled restart for windows updates or a reboot done by me, the stablebit drive would always need to do recovery and it would take like about 8 hours since i have such a large cache of course becasue my lame ISP only has 6mbps MAX upload (Disgusting). Any way to fix this?

2nd, no uploads have happened since December 20th. When I login to amazon cloud drive through the web browser though, there are files in the "recent files" area from the 28th. When I go to all files though the last file i can see when sorted by date is the 20th as pictured below. Not sure what that is about. The upload graphic on the stabelbit software though never changes just sits at 0bps forever. I can still acccess all files and download all files as normal. I then was using the version of stablebit previous to 784, so then just two days ago updated to .784 but no luck.

I should also mention, that I'm still able to upload through the amazon web app and desktop app as normal as well.


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I believe that you've posted a ticket for this already, and that I've responded there. 


The "recovery" shouldn't be occurring like this, as this should only occur when an "unsafe shutdown" occurs. Or if the service crashes. 



if you haven't already, open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/contact


And run this:


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Oh I'm sorry, no I didn't post a topic about the recovery before, that was another user. I did read that thread though. I have a hunch that the reason why the service might be crashing is definitely because i have such a large amount of cached data since my upload is so slow.

My main concern isn't so much about the recovery as much as not being able to upload a single bit right now. I can download and open files but i just cannot upload them. I'll definitely put in a ticket soon.

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