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  1. They don't create and mount a drive image... The easiest solution is to share access to the drive over the LAN or through a VPN.
  2. You could always stripe (RAID-0) them…
  3. I'm curious. How much storage are you using and how long has your account been active?
  4. No, the CloudDrive can only be mounted from one location at a time.
  5. Oh, cool! Have you discussed which underlying protocols would be used? Rsync over SSH should work quite well for this.
  6. Indeed. I eagerly await production access.
  7. That seems ridiculous…
  8. If you're receiving errors with advanced sharing, you haven't setup the permissions properly. Googling can help.
  9. You can surely continue working towards a stable release in the downtime between their unpunctual responses, yes? This is true for me as well. If CloudDrive gets approved for production with ACD, this is where most of your license sales are going to be coming from.
  10. There has been no further communication from Amazon since January? How disappointing…
  11. It'd be nice if an option was added that let us specify a DSCP value. When employing QoS at the router, this makes it much easier to differentiate between traffic that makes use of the same ports. Edit: AF11 (DSCP 10) would be a good default value.
  12. They'll need to know which build you're using and a log would probably be helpful as well.
  13. I hope you continue to make that fight a priority while doing your best to workaround their lousy API implementation. Without jumping through hoops for Google Apps Unlimited, Amazon Cloud Drive is, currently, the only affordable option for unlimited cloud storage.
  14. I hope some progress is made soon on getting Amazon Cloud Drive approved for production. In the meantime, does anyone know of a way to sign up for a Google Apps Unlimited account without having to pay for four other users? An organization requires five users to qualify and Google Apps Unlimited is $10 per user per month.
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