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  1. 777: Yes Reauthed: Yes Logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4pAdnk2XEMmRVE4a2ltQXEwOEE/view?usp=sharing Server is currently ~70mbps throughput with the response times around 33000ms.
  2. Hi all, With 20 threads on a fresh start of the server I can push out at ~700mbps but that quickly degrades to ~100mbps after a few hours and ~10mbps after a day or so. Looking at the technical details over this time the response time of each write is ever increasing, from the <100ms that it starts with at top speed, to 20000ms at 100mbps, and 175000ms at 10mbps. Is the exponential backoff for the throttling just ever increasing and never resetting once the write is complete? It seems the decay in speed is the write threads sitting there waiting to write. Thanks
  3. In this case I would recommend as a workaround that min download be set to chunk size until the 1mb reads are fixed to reduce API hits and throttling.
  4. While it's writing in 10 or 20mb chunks the service is currently bugged and only reading in 1mb chunks. This causes a bunch of issues from a large number of API hits and slow download speeds as a large proportion of the time is making the connection and requesting the data (I have a 1gbps line server currently reading google drive at 1.68mbps). This really needs fixed. I would also like to see a prefetch option for fast lines where the prefetch brings the whole chunk into cache regardless of only part of it being needed. (as I wrote this post the drive errored out and dismounted )
  5. Title explains all. Had a drive dismount as it couldn't communicate with google drive and remounting would give this error.
  6. It isn't just prefetch that is a problem, it's simple reads too. Reads are limited to 1mb, for example if I turn pre-fetch off my 1gbps line can pull from clouddrive at ~1.5mbps. The prefetch was 2mb in 463, which suggests something changed it to 1mb. But 2mb is still rediculously low for fast lines. I appreciate people likely didn't pick up on this in the past because the bandwidth on a 1080p stream wasn't so high but once you go past 1080p clouddrive just can't give the throughput to handle anymore. I also think this is the reason a lot of people report getting rate limited by google.
  7. Any updates to this? The drive is great but this bug really slows down reads.
  8. Logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4pAdnk2XEMmYzhLeDlKdmdGUnM/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hi Christopher, The block size is 20MB. My problem is prefetch only makes 1MB partial requests which is slow and frustrating. If prefetch ever spawns enough connections to handle a 4k video, it gets rate limited by google. Thanks
  10. All I see is trigger, forward and time window, no option to change block size. There is no way to change the block size, it is always 1mb. http://i.imgur.com/wEDWKw1.png
  11. Is there any way we can customize this? With google drive for work pre-fetch is constantly fetching 1mb blocks on it's request, causing large API hits and limiting throughput to the drive. On a 1gbps line pre-fetch can achieve about 60-70mbps if nothing else is happening at the time. If it's uploading/verifying/etc it's much slower. This will vary depending on latency of course, as it makes the request time disproportionately large compared to download time. I'm currently testing out 4k content streaming and it's just not possible with the throughput offered at the moment. Could an option be added to let it be <= block size? This would let us scale prefetched data on fast lines much better (400mb prefetch on 20 threads at 20MB block size would be crazy fast).
  12. Any plans for this feature? Trying to use the windows options gives "This drive cannot be shared". Going into advanced sharing puts it on the network but any requests to it just throw a bunch of errors.
  13. Sorry for the delays in getting back. To be honest before you posted the last message I just decided to destroy the drive as it was making the majority of a disk full and unusable.
  14. I'm not sure if CloudDrive attempts to mount it, no errors or anything. It shows up in disk management, but as an unknown disk and windows wants to initialise it. I've tried rebooting multiple times with no luck.
  15. Hi all, Hope you can help, I'm using the latest beta (581) with an encrypted ACD drive (passphrase). Ever since a power loss yesterday the drive has done it's re-scan of the cache but it fails to mount, even through reboots etc. Making a new drive mounts fine. What do? I've seen some other similar problems where people detached and re-atached the drive to fix. Unfortunately I have 1.25TB pending upload so I can't do this currently and going down this road would take weeks before I would be able to access the drive again. Anyone with any suggestions? Thanks
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