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  1. I'm on a 1 Gb/s Up/down connection and have created a drive on ACD and Google Drive with .667 and am still using that version. I have CloudDrive set to 20 Threads Upload and Download. For both Google and Amazon I get ~400mb/s upload and while it verifies the data at 200+ mb/s and multiple threads when I actually go to download/pre-fetch any data it only uses one thread and does 50-70mb/s download. Any tips or is this normal?
  2. Do we know for certain that this will adversely affect CloudDrive (I too am planning on blowing through the million file limit easily with only 20mb chunks)? Reading through the api documentation V1-V3 the only issue seems to be below: orderBy A comma-separated list of sort keys. Valid keys are 'createdDate', 'folder', 'lastViewedByMeDate', 'modifiedByMeDate', 'modifiedDate', 'quotaBytesUsed', 'recency', 'sharedWithMeDate', 'starred', and 'title'. Each key sorts ascending by default, but may be reversed with the 'desc' modifier. Example usage: ?orderBy=folder,modifiedDate desc,title. Please note that there is a current limitation for users with approximately one million files in which the requested sort order is ignored. (string)
  3. I'm curious what will happen if I upload my 100mb chunk amazon cloud Stablebit folder to Google Drive and try to connect to it using the google drive connection? I imagine I won't be able to? or bad things will happen?
  4. Whenever I restart machine I get a "Stablebit Drivepool licensing needs your attention" it then requires me to "Start License Transfer" and I deactivate and add the key back in for it to work.
  5. Are you me? I have all these same questions and same use-case. Edit: Although given how much bad press MSFT got for the OneDrive change I think Google and Amazon would be more hesitant. I think their storage solutions and capacities are also much bigger/more mature. Still, redundancy is your friend.
  6. I guess that was my worry, to gain the additional benefits I'll have to re-create and re-upload several terabytes worth of data every update?
  7. Hi, I'm currently on .463 - when/if I update to a newer version are there any benefits from creating a new cloud drive or are the updates on the application side mainly?
  8. It is a bit unbelievable but I was able to narrow it down that it is Google Fiber/the router they provide or rather that the issue is on their end. So after talking to numerous representatives yesterday they are not intentionally throttling/capping in any way and they are looking into the issue. (When I connect to my VPN the speeds actually go up as its no longer throttled so that's my work-around for now)
  9. I think I actually found the answer. Google Fiber throttles upload speeds to any google services. I tried the google drive client and even uploading to youtube and they limit to 10 mb/s. So that' the issue - and I'm pissed.
  10. I was able to increase the threads but it hasn't increased my overall upload rate (just focusing on Google Drive now). Any ideas?
  11. In theory, this program is exactly what I'm looking for but I'm getting very poor upload speeds. I'm attempting to use ACD and Google Drive, both with encryption, I didn't change any of the cache, or chunk settings from the default. I did change the I/O threads from 2 to 10 in the CloudDrive.Service.exe.default.config file but in practice it still seems limited to 2 threads. (and the CloudDrive.Service.exe.config file doesn't have any I/O options - do I need to manually add them?) I'm getting 8-10 Mb/s up 8-16Mb/s down for both providers. I'm on a 1Gb/s up and down speeds. the drive cache is on an SSD and I have a high-end CPU. Using the Amazon Cloud Sync Program I get 200-600Mb/s upload. Windows 10 x64 and the latest version of CloudDrive available on the downloads page. Are these expected speeds or are there best practices to increase them?
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