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  1. Wow a blast from the past. Still following this thread apparently, got an email notification. I abandoned cloud drive over a year ago since this issue made it utterly useless for me and no progress was being made on a resolution. Sad to see this hasn't been fixed yet as I would still find my purchase useful if it had been fixed and could begin use cloud drive again. Chris, if this is an issue with sparse files on NTFS, perhaps cloud drive should not be using them and use something else instead? I write software for a living, and if a dependency is broken in a way that I cannot fix and that negatively impacts my software, I find a workaround by using something else. period.
  2. Yep I bet the driver is the bottleneck here. Your best bet would likely be 2 VMs that are on the same network. Share the destination drive over CIFS to the source VM and do the copy that way. You'll have some minor network overhead, but will no longer have the concurrent upload & download overhead.
  3. Bummer, since you thought he may have a fix way back in December. Unfortunate, but thanks for the update.
  4. Any updates since a month ago? (I check in monthly to see if I can use this software again)
  5. Thanks Chris, any updates since last month? Would like to get back to using CloudDrive, not seeing anything obviously relevant in the changelog.
  6. Thanks Christopher. While most of that was understood, I only find fault with categorizing an issue that fills up a 120GB SSD and knocks all of my drives offline in 6-12 hours an issue that "generally resolves itself" unless by resolving itself you mean forcing the dismount of my drives so that the clusters are finally freed.... For me, and it looks like others, it makes CloudDrive utterly useless.
  7. I very much doubt it based upon the changelog, but please do report back with your findings.
  8. Still no updates about this issue? It has been open several months.
  9. Does clouddrive treat this like a system crash if an upload/download is in progress or if anything is in 'To Upload' ?? or does it handle it gracefully ?? If graceful, I could set up a scheduled task to do this nightly, or even every few hours. Having this same problem, a separate thread was made about it OVER 2 months ago. I've basically abandoned Clouddrive because of this, if it is never fixed I'll probably ask for a refund (but not sure if I'll get it, since I purchased all the way back in January). My cache drive fills all the way up and then forcibly dismounts my clouddrive disks every day or two, sometimes in less than a day. Despite what has been said, the reserved clusters NEVER, EVER go down over time unless I reboot or detach the disks.
  10. Any updates on this? Sitting on 80GB of reserved clusters that are about to knock all of my drives offline (due to the SSD filling up). There has been no activity on the cloud drives since mount other than pinning data (which seems to run over and over an awful lot), and the reserved clusters have not decreased once this week since checking them every time I am on the server, they always increase, even after days of no activity to the cloud drive. I understand this is an NTFS issue, as per our previous conversation, but issue# 27177 was created to investigate if the issue could be avoided I think. PS: I've tried every cache combination available I think, currently using a 1GB fixed cache on each of 2 drives, yet still 80GB of sparse files clogging my drive :( I invested in CloudDrive and, after promising (but SLOWWW) results, invested in a dedicated 120GB SSD cache specifically for CloudDrive. Speeds increased DRAMATICALLY, and then I ran into this Edit: currently running .725 btw
  11. Has metadata and directory structure been pinned? This is expected until that happens, once that info is pinned, browsing directories should be instant.
  12. But the drive is being forcefully dismounted because the cache drive is "Full" and new data cannot be downloaded from Google, after several of these errors, CloudDrive forcefully dismounts the drive, isn't this expected behavior?
  13. That is very very unfortunate. Is there an issue open for Alex's investigation?
  14. Is there no workaround for this? Waiting seems to do nothing, the cache drive fills up before any clusters are released, at least, and I cannot reboot my server every 24 hours. Was buying a 120GB SSD to use as a cloud drive cache a complete waste of money?
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