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  1. Well I am feeling kind of silly; had the balancer set to fill the archive drives to 90% and one of them was above this so never received the duplicate files (meaning they stayed on the SSD cache disk....) Thanks @Christopher (Drashna) for the help!
  2. Christopher has tagged the issue for Alex to look at. Will update when a solution arrives.
  3. Opened a Supportcase, will update here if solved.
  4. No-one? I'm still left with 35,5GB on one of my cache disks, rebalance does nothing and new writes go straight to the harddisks. @Christopher (Drashna) do I need to open a support case?
  5. After upgrading to the SSD Balancer was gone (I noticed this because the write speeds were a lot slower). After reinstall and configuration it doesn't appear to work. Writes go directly to harddisk in stead of to SSD and then to HDD. Is this a known issue or should I open a case? [Update] It appears to work-ish, I now have 35.5GB on one of the 2 cache SSD"s but it isn't moved over to the harddisk and a rebalance does not do anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Logged back into my server and with 708 I am again getting statistics: Great work Alex!
  7. StableBit DrivePool DrivePool Beta running on Windows 2012 R2 Standard with 2 Pools. One pool containing 4 harddisk partitions (on 4 separate harddisks) which works perfectly. One pool containing 2 SSD partitions (on 2 seperate SSDs) with (VDI) deduplication enabled, Bypass fill system drivers is disabled. Pool is configured to mirror one specific directory containing VHDx files which deduplicates quiet nicely: FreeSpace SavedSpace OptimizedFiles InPolicyFiles Volume --------- ---------- -------------- ------------- ------ 190.59 GB 166.58
  8. Left it over night and lo and behold the reserved space did indeed clear up thanks for the response Christopher
  9. Same issue with Any insight here? I can understand that the clusters stays reserved until everything has been uploaded and verified but they are never freed unless I detach and reattach. Do I need to have a dedicated drive the same size as the CloudDrive?
  10. Running Windows 2012 R2 Essentials fully patched CloudDrive with a 1TB OneDrive (Office 365) Cache set tot 1GB Expanding on a drive with a little over 50GB free. When I start uploading to the drive it starts filling up the cache drive which is to be expected. However I also expected CloudDrive to release this extra reserved space after the upload had finished. Unfortunately it does not: C:\Windows\system32>fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo g: NTFS Volume Serial Number : 0x0810ed7310ed67e0 NTFS Version : 3.1 LFS Version : 2.0 Number
  11. Unfortunately this also shows no info whatsoever. If there is anything I can do to troubleshoot this issue let me know.
  12. I have quickly removed the drive from my Pool (also because CloudDrive keeps losing connection to OneDrive and filling up the cache drive) so cannot check this anymore. What I can say is that I saw files that were not on any of the locally attached drives.
  13. Using DrivePool BETA with CloudDrive 1.0.673 BETA.. Running on Windows 2012 R2 Essentials. - Created 1 TB OneDrive drive with CloudDrive - Added this CloudDrive to existing Pool - Set DrivePool to only put duplicate files on the CloudDrive drive: - Enabled duplication on my Pictures dir - After some time I noticed that in the PoolPart dir folders start showing up that are not set to duplicate: What am I doing wrong? I want to use the CloudDrive just for duplicate files and yet several non duplicate files are appearing on my CloudDrive
  14. Hi Christopher (Drashna), Do you have any input?
  15. I upgraded from the latest stable version ( Did all this and no change what so ever, still no SMART data visible. The controller is part of the Intel Z97 chipset, Stablebit Scanner calls it Intel ® 9 Series Family SATA AHCI Controller - 8C82 Like noted before on this same SATA port an Intel X25-M G2 SSD was working correctly with Stablebit Scanner. Also all disks (6 in total) are connected to this controller and all but the Seagate work. Not even a Temperature graph is shown (even though Stablebit Scanner shows the temperature in the main view) Hope you have some more o
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