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Forgive my ignorance but I have just installed drivepool RC for WHS 2011 and am having some issues.


I have added one drive (3TB) with existing data to the pool but none of this data is showing in the pool drive, what else do I need to do?


I then added another drive to the pool (250GB) and the pool shows an increase in size but the drive is still showing as not being part of the pool, I tried to add it again but it says that I cannot add the drive twice.


Cheers for any help


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Hi perryni, when you add a drive to the pool, any files already existing on the drive are not moved into the pool; only the drive's free space is made available to the pool. This allows you to still use the drive to keep files separately from the pool (for whatever reason).


For example, say you have two drives X and Y. You create a pool, Z, from these two drives. Now you still have your X and Y drives, which you can still use on their own, as well as a pool Z which makes use of the free space on X and Y combined.


Does that help?

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Yeah, we don't add the existing files. In fact, we avoid touching your data at all. That's left up to you.


And as Doug has said, the fastest way to migrate that data into the pool is to open that drive, show hidden files, and then copy everything into the hidden "PoolPart.xxxx" folder.  You may want to run the "remeasure" option from the dashboard though.

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