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Formatting never finishes


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Enable logging when this happens. Especially when it fails to cancel. 




Also, this may sound weird to do, by try setting the disk as "offline" in disk management when this happens.  Once that finishes, set it back as "online" and see if that helps. 


Also, are you seeing IO/chunk errors in CloudDrive itself?


I have just tried to uninstall CloudDrive and it can't stop the service as the service is stuck in 'Stopping' state. Seems pretty broken to me.


The shutdown process for StableBit CloudDrive is rather complicated, as we need to make sure that all disk information is actually flushed to disk before stopping.


This means that data on the cloudDrive disk itself  that is being cached, as well as the CloudDrive cache itself.   In fact, we halt the system shutdown process to ensure that this happens correctly.  Or else you can experience corruption... hence the "unsafe shutdown consistency check" that you may have seen, as well. 

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I am also experiencing this issue in b606, and enabled disk tracing before replicating it. How long should I let it go before force stopping it? I also assume I would upload the logs via the form at http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_CloudDrive_Log_Collectionalong with relevant details, and a link to this topic.


Edit: I did not go through the same steps as the original poster above. I created a 10 GB drive with no options changed besides its name.

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