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  1. tcz06a's post in CloudDrive drive destroyed, ~158000 files left in Google Drive was marked as the answer   
    I believe I have found a solution to this problem of mine. When I had CloudDrive destroy my drive, something, somewhere, had a hiccup. The folder on Google Drive wherein the chunks resided was deleted, but somehow the chunks themselves were not. Google forums indicates such files are called orphans, as they have no parent structure (folder). These orphans can be viewed by searching for 'is:unorganized owner:me' and deleted from there. As the Drive GUI produces 'server error occurred' when trying to delete more than 100 files at once, I looked for a script to automate their removal. I finally found one which worked. I found the code snippet at https://medium.com/@tashian/the-workaround-300ac8f05bb7#.vc41xsuwdalthough I am unsure if I can post a hyperlink in my comments. I can testify that it is deleting the orphaned files, while not touching anything else.
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