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License dropped out? No warning/notice. Hasn't scanned for months...



So I don't do any sort of manual checking in on Scanner as I have email notifications setup.  But apparently my license "dropped out" and Scanner hasn't done anything for months.  I went it this evening to determine what my 2 oldest drives were as I plan to upgrade/increase my pool storage. I was surprised to see the screen say I needed to purchase/enter my License. So I pulled that up, pasted it in and it's Activated again...but Scanner hasn't been doing anything all this time - but no notifications ever popped up on my server desktop and no emails were sent.  

So what caused my license # to "drop out"?   And is there a way to setup notifications so if this happens again, I will know?  Now I'm waiting on Scanner to scan 64TB of drives...


Much thanks

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On 4/8/2024 at 1:22 PM, Christopher (Drashna) said:

In general, this shouldn't happen, but certain scenarios seem to trigger this more.  Namely the large semi-annual updates for Windows 10/11.  

But if you do seee this happening, open a ticket, and then run the StableBit Troubleshooter, and let us know when it's complete.

Thanks, fortunately no issues once all drive scans completed...but it took a while.  

Potential related question - and I can post a new ticket if you prefer:  If I upgrade my server to W11 from W10 - anything I need to be concerned about re: Drivepool/Scanner?  I'm assuming all should migrate over w/o any other work required?  I also just noticed there are new versions for both (see screenshot). Haven't updated in ages, but looks like I can just follow the "click here" prompts to update?  Should I shut down the software first?


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