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Question about chunk upload




I noticed that after a write thread finishes the upload verification downloads the content to check if its correct. however while it downloads no new upload threads are started - shouldnt it start uploading the next chunk, while it downloads and checks the former one? Guess you are using some sort of queue system and that the file could just be added to the queue if it needs to be reuploaded.


Any specific reason why it runs like this? could imagine a little more speed if it can continue upload meanwhile

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We'd need to have logs to see exactly why. 


But there are a lot of moving parts here. It may be the connection has to be properly closed and re-opened. Or it could be a response timing issue with Amazon. or it could be something else.



And if you're using Amazon Cloud Drive, we HIGHLY recommend having upload verification enabled. Frequently, chunks are uploaded that don't come back "right", or at least right away. The upload verification makes sure that the chunks are properly uploaded.

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