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Duplication won’t complete



I have a large pool (large to me) that I have set the duplication to 2. The process is stuck at 90.2% and has been this way for weeks. Any suggestions on what I can do to get it to finish?


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Just a heads up, the duplication is essentially copying files from one of the drives to another drive.  The speed depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the files being moved (more and  smaller files will take longer than less and larger files, for the same amount of data).  Also, factors such as pool usage will impact this, since the duplication pass runs in a bachground priority. 

You can temporarily boost the priority by clicking in the >> button next to the bar.   There is also an advanced setting to permanently boost the priority too. 


The "FileDuplication_BackgroundIO" setting controls this. 

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Well, we have moved off of 90.2% finally.  Now we are at 90.4%.  At this rate, it will complete sometime in 2025!  When I hover over it does say it is working, I am just not sure why this particular 10% is taking so long.  Oh well.
Thank you all for the assistance

Screenshot (7).png

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