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  1. My issue is that is any of the drives that are part of the pool are NAS, then I couldn’t backup them. I was hoping that having them part of the pool would “hide” the fact that they are NAS.
  2. I use Crashplan Pro to backup my data and one of the things that Crashplan does NOT do is backup NAS drives (something about the way Windows sees them or some such). Anyway, does a pool drive look like a regular internal or usb connected drive or does it look like a NAS drive to the Windows OS? What if a I have NAS drives as part of the pool, does the answer change? Thanks
  3. <Windows 10> I have a drive (P:\) that s getting very full. I want to add a drive and then create a pool with P:\ and the new drive (we'll call it Q:\). However, after I am done, I need the pool drive to be P:\ for other things in my system to work. Can I just add Q: to P: and make them be a pool with P as the drive letter? I just started using DrivePool (as is probably obvious) and the one pool I created immediately created a new drive letter instead of merging together under a current letter.
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