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Slow Read Performance from Google Drive




So i was an early adopter, but im moving away (slowly) from clouddrive for hot data and for a more cold solution. 

Im currently moving data out to a new Local Solution, its currently copying to spinning drives in a raid the performance to those drives normally is fine, however when copying from Clouddrive across i appear to be hitting a bottleneck i dont appear to be able to get content from it faster than 31MB/s and thats rare... I'm on a gig internet connection and the cache drive is on an NVME drive, normal file downloads can saturate the gig connection, however this cannot? is there anyway to speed up clouddrive or is this a limitation of google drive?



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I'm another person with the incredibly slow download speeds from google drive. 

If I go to the web and download a file directly I can hit the 6-700Mbps easily, but with CloudDrive it seem to hit about 35Mbps as a max. I have tried tweaking the settings and it never improves. More threads, less threads, minimum size from 1 to 100MB and only ever gets slower. 

Does anyone have an actual working google drive clouddrive? Cause these speeds make it essentially useless which is a shame. I have a gigabit up/down connection so dealing with that kind of slowdown (when I know direct from site is not slow) is just not feasible. 

Love the drivepool and scanner but at these speeds (at least from google drive) clouddrive is just not worth it. This is even more so cause I wanted to be putting copies of my backups there and if I needed to pull them down it would take about 91 hours at these speeds. 

So any advices, or solutions? Or will it really not work with google drive.


Update: Tweaking some more and have found settings that at least appear to do a much much better job. 


This is getting me 500-560Mbps download. Any higher with the minimum size and it drops in performance. And any higher prefetch forward doesn't appear to help. Anyways now that it is at a speed that is good I am going to be much happier. 

Hopefully those settings can help any others that have issues with google drive and speeds

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