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  1. Got a popup about a SB Scanner update so I updated. Drive temps do not seem to be working. I have 5 of the same drive and the first 4 ALWAYS read 77 no matter what they are doing (including one that has been scanning for hours), and the last one seems to change appropriately. Here is a screen cap:
  2. Indexing without the benefit of being able to use the file system journal will require more work, hence why it's slower and more disk intensive (and why it was brilliant of the author to make use of the journal). That being said, once it's done, it's done, and Everything will then lay idle. If you're using the Everything Service then Everything won't need to rescan until you reboot your computer. And even though the scan is more intensive without the file system journal aiding it, what it's doing is still no big deal IMO, so I would say NO it's not a lot of extra wear.
  3. I can answer this question. But you won't like the answer. Everything REQUIRES a volume that is capable of JOURNALING in order to work its magic. The volume provided by DRIVEPOOL does not support that. I know, bummer, but these are the facts. I've already gone over this before a couple of years ago and there should already be a forum thread that talks about this situation. Now for a small bit of good news...you CAN get Everything to work with a DRIVEPOOL volume BUT it works slower. You have to fiddle with the settings and ADD ALL DRIVEPOOL drives to a special list in Everything.
  4. The problem is that disk scanning and smart querying share the same work window and sleep setting. I think in order to be more flexible the smart scanning needs its own window and sleep options. At the moment, I will live with things as they are. My system wakes up via a scheduled task at 1am. The work window is 1am to 6am with the "stay awake" option checked, and the smart query is throttled to once every 24 hrs. So the system should wake up, do my sync backup, do one smart query, possibly do disk scanning for the next 6 hours if required, otherwise go back to sleep. Seems t
  5. Wouldn't that mean my machine won't wake up to scan? How could that be useful? I think I've figured it out though. I have done what you said, but in order to make it work I need something else to wake the computer so I've done that. We'll see how that goes.
  6. So I turned off Automatic Scanning on SAT at about 3:20pm, even though nothing was due for a scan, then let the computer go to sleep. By this morning, MON, the sever is on again, and the sleep study reveals that at 1am on SUN the computer woke up and went through repeated sleep/wake cycles due to the ScannerService executable presumably doing SMART queries. There was no disk scanning to do, but since the potential scan period was 1am to 7am I suppose the SMART queries still ran. But the setting says to do this only once every 30 minutes and the sleep study shows it waking the system
  7. This is not an answer to the OP but a ME TOO reply. I cannot find any REPLY button, so I had to hit ANSWER QUESTION. Sorry to necro this thread, but I think it's appropriate. I too have a server the is being constantly awoken (every minute) by the Scanner service as evidenced in the Windows Sleep Study log. I have done EVERYTHING I can think of with my config to stop the Scanner service from doing this but nothing works. This is wasting electrical energy. All this server is supposed to do is wake up at 3AM and sync its local disc array with another server over the network. Many
  8. That would be me. My disks are mounted to folders on the system drive, not to drive letters, and I get device manager errors on all of their removable device entries. I have lots of disks (10) and also lots of already used drive letters. I still have enough drive letters left over to assign to the disks but would prefer to see this fixed in some way. I always have an action center icon with a warning about the errors, so even though the errors seem to be harmless I a constantly wondering whether the action center icon is warning me about this phantom error or whether its something else
  9. I'd like to second the idea of adding a balancer option to spread duplicate files evenly over controllers as asked in this thread: I'd rather not create a pool of pools. This really shouldn't be too hard.
  10. I have a disturbing update regarding what actually happened to me. Others may want to pay close attention to this. As it turns out, in MY CASE, this OTHER crap was actually RANSOMWARE encrypting my files secretly. YES, I'm not kidding. Not long after my last post, the system in question rebooted mysteriously. When it came back up and I logged in I was greeted with a YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED message. Merry Christmas! All files on the drive pool had their names changed to random ASCII letters and numbers with the file extension ".lock", and the contents were encrypted. Welcome to
  11. Yes, yet another "me too" post. I also saw an issue with permissions last month. I had to go in and make sure "Everyone" had "Full Control" across the entire disk to fix it. I didn't like this, but I did it. In the end it really doesn't matter too much as no one uses the pool directly on the pool server and I control permissions to the pool through the network shares.
  12. I can confirm that this is also happened to me. And I'm also running that version of DrivePool. Yesterday when I went to do some rebalancing maintenance to my pool I noticed that Windows Defender could not start and Security Center was throwing an alarm about this. I was going to reboot but didn't want to upset the rebalancing, so my plan was to reboot after the rebalancing was done. Well, looking at it this morning, it seems Defender has managed to figure out how to start again between yesterday and today, but I am worried about this. On another note, and sorry to hijack this thr
  13. Whoops. How'd that get past me. I did INTEND to install the 64 bit version but somehow didn't. My bad.
  14. Um, Windows 10 1709 (which is what I have) comes with KMDF 1.23 which is light years ahead of 1.9... I tried to install this BETA because I saw fixes regarding Pools within Pools, which is what I am trying to do (despite saying I wasn't earlier). So, what I can I do to get this installed?
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