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  1. Sadly, spoke too soon. The new beta is installed and operating but I just tried copying some files out of a folder that I previously couldn't and am getting the same behaviour. I was able to nuke the folder from my server directly and restored it from my Backblaze cloud backup and now it seems to be OK. Very odd.
  2. Cool, I will download the beta and try it out. I've been running the beta of Scanner for forever anyway so why not. Thanks.
  3. Hi all. I've been using DrivePool for quite some time now and am generally happy, near total lack of updates since I bought the software notwithstanding. I've got a problem though that seems to be getting worse and is becoming a concern. My DrivePool is attached to a Windows 10 Pro machine I use as a home server (it was previously on an older system but it's been upgraded, this problem actually started on that one.) The majority of the time, I access the pool via shares from other systems on my network. Lately, I've had a problem where with certain folders, I can't do anything with any fi
  4. Hey all! I'm using both DrivePool and Scanner. They're both generally working well but there's one problem with Scanner: Even when it's set to start/stop automatically, it isn't. The latest scans on all my drives are from late September, when I first started using it. I also recently replaced a drive in my pool and it never started scanning until I manually clicked the Start button and now it's running. I'm largely using the default scanner settings and I'm on Windows 10 Pro x64. Any ideas? Thanks! EDIT: Hmm, interestingly, it seems to be fixed now. It was set to only do the scans between
  5. OK, fair enough. I turned off duplication on the backup image folders as I don't need that anyway and it allowed me to complete an initial image without issue. Should be good now as the incremental will be much smaller. Thanks!
  6. I might be wrong but I thought DrivePool was able to use striping to take ultra big files like this and spread them across multiple disks when writing. Indeed, if I look at my MediaSonic ProBox while running the backup, I can see lights for two different drives flashing. However, if it does do that, maybe it does it after individual files are written, I'm not sure. Oddly though, the WD Black drive in my pool has 1.97TB of free space and that's definitely more than the backup will be. Unless the balancing plugins are causing it to be written elsewhere first. Truth be told, it's not really a big
  7. Hey all! I'm still on my trial of DrivePool but am overall liking it quite a bit. However, I've run into one major problem I don't know how to solve and I'm hoping someone here knows a solution. I use the paid version of Macrium Reflect to backup my entire gaming PC. It writes a main image that's a full backup (it usually comes out to about 1-1.3TB after compression) and then writes up for 4 incremental backups after that, then rotates those out, always keeping no more than 5 backups. My DrivePool lives on my home server under my desk and I run the Macrium Reflect backup set to a share I h
  8. Happy to say that it chugged and appeared frozen for a while but DrivePool did pull out the busted Seagate and I didn't lose anything! It's out of the pool now and when my new 8-bay MediaSonic enclosure arrives, I'll be putting in two other drives, which will give me the means to use full duplication. I am super impressed with DrivePool. When I get paid next, I'll be buying licenses for both it and Scanner and CloudDrive seems neat too and I'll be trying that out soon as well. Great work guys, I should have gone with this from the start!
  9. I do have it set to evacuate on SMART but of course, because Seagate, the drive wasn't reporting SMART failure and I still don't think it is. However, it's having major read issues in spite of that. I'll leave the drive removing until I get home from work tonight and see where it's at. Most of what's on this drive is already on CrashPlan so if I have to just yank it, it's not the end of the world. Fingers crossed.
  10. Thanks for the answers! So I was losing my mind with FlexRAID and got it out of my life last weekend. I'll never touch that product ever again. I decided to go ahead with a DrivePool trial and I gotta' say, I'm pretty damn impressed so far. There's a real test going on as I type though. So I have 4 WD 3TB Red drives and also added in a 4TB and 3TB Seagate drive I had from a previous Windows Storage Spaces pool. I was also running a trial of StableBit Scanner. Well, this morning, Scanner informed me that the 3TB Seagate is starting to fail. I'm not surprised, it's Seagate and I got it for f
  11. Hey all. Forgive me if this post is long but I'm having a hard time making a decision here. So I have about 9TB of data that I am keeping on a small Windows 10 home server. It's mostly media, video projects and emulation stuff (I run a retro gaming YouTube channel and have tons of emulation sets.) It's about 485,000 files in total. Until recently, it was all kept on a Windows Storage Spaces JBOD volume through a 4-bay MediaSonic ProBox that was connected directly to my main PC. Problem is, because CrashPlan has such a horribly written client, backing all this up to the cloud was taking ove
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