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Strange Problem with Defender


I am using Win 10(1709) with Win Defender all updated with the latest updates. I also run Drivepool This past week Defender was updated with a new antimalware client to version  4.12.17007.18011. I understand from reading that Microsoft made some changes under the hood to defender. Now every other time I boot the computer defender fails to start completely. I reboot the computer and defender works normally. I reboot the computer and defender fails completely. It will do this repeatedly and I have the same setup on two computers and both behave the same. How can it fail on one boot but not the next? Very strange. 

Anyway, I went back to a previous version of drivepool ( and all is normal on both computers. I tried some of the more recent betas such as .896 and they have the same problem with defender. Please help as I would like to update to the latest version when it is released.

I also noticed that the remote control feature doesn't work on the latest betas/RC but it does on the older versions such as .881beta.



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The main change that happened here is how the pool is mounted, and the timing around it.  Nothing that should cause this sort of issue.

But if you could, install the RC again, and enable boot logging:

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Could you see if this happens wit 

If not, then it's the new mounting code that is causing the issue. 


Also, I was going to test this... I can't get the update for this version to even INSTALL.... 

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Then yeah, it's the new mounting code that is the cause of this issue. 

And unfortunately, on the systems that I can get the update working on, don't show this issue. 

I've flagged the issue and logs for Alex 



Also, could you try, and see if this happens? 

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