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  1. I don't have any PST files but apparently you do!
  2. Yes, FIXED. Thanks to you and Alex for the timely response.
  3. does not work-it has the same problems as
  4. With .890 everything runs fine.
  5. Yes, it prevents defender from updating, have to shut down drivepool. I will try .890 and let you know.
  6. File sent, thanks. I rebooted several times to hopefully capture whats happening. Defender still fails on every other boot. One of my computers is a clean install with nothing but drivepool on it. Very strange.
  7. I am using Win 10(1709) with Win Defender all updated with the latest updates. I also run Drivepool This past week Defender was updated with a new antimalware client to version 4.12.17007.18011. I understand from reading that Microsoft made some changes under the hood to defender. Now every other time I boot the computer defender fails to start completely. I reboot the computer and defender works normally. I reboot the computer and defender fails completely. It will do this repeatedly and I have the same setup on two computers and both behave the same. How can it fail on one boot
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