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  1. Correct, it doesn't support software RAID (because Windows insists on Dynamic disks for that). Hardware RAID is fine. All that matters to DrivePool itself, is that it can see the NTFS (or ReFS) volumes on Basic (not Dynamic) disks that are locally (not network) attached to the system. Doesn't matter whether that's via motherboard or expansion card, PCIE/SATA/USB/Thunderbolt/otherwise, in any combination.
  2. Hmm. You've got the "respect real-time file placement" ticked, and I was under the impression that the OFP plugin was real-time for new files. Try a Remeasure. But if it's not real-time, then you'd need to choose an Automatic balancing setting other than "Do not balance automatically" so it can be triggered. Edit: I've made a feature request to have the DrivePool GUI explicitily indicate which balancers are "real-time" and/or can force immediate balancing.
  3. Check that the ordered file placement plugin isn't being out-prioritised by another plugin that would prefer to write to the older hdd. Also check the Balancing options (Manage Pool -> Balancing -> Settings), particularly the "Plug-in settings" and "File placement settings" sections.
  4. Ouch. What are the settings on your install of Scanner, particularly Throttling?
  5. Unfortunately DrivePool doesn't support Dynamic disks (if I recall correctly it could be added but would require an overhaul of the balancing engine and further work on the duplication code), so it's not compatible with Windows' software RAID implementation. If your motherboard has even barebones RAID 0 support, that would suffice for DrivePool to "mirror" the pairs.
  6. Hi vervolk. You should still attempt to activate the license on the new system anyway. If that does not automatically transfer the license, contact Support via the contact form (in the "What do you want to contact us about?" field select "An issue with licensing").
  7. As you've discovered you can manually move files at the individual drive level without immediate issues so long as the directory path is the same; the only potential issue is that DrivePool may then not have the correct measurements of the state of the pool for balancing; this can be remedied by manually forcing a re-measure (Manage Pool -> Remeasure) after you're done. Alternatively you could use Manage Pool -> Balancing -> File Placement to set rules for folders and/or files (e.g. "\tmp\today's project\*" or whatever) that you wish DrivePool to move to/from the NVMe drive; you
  8. Shane

    Is exFAT supported?

    Hi! DrivePool only works with NTFS or ReFS formatted drives (there's also an advanced setting to allow both in the same pool but it's not recommended outside of migrating between the two formats); exFAT is not supported.
  9. If you're getting ongoing file/directory corruption, that could indicate physical problems with your hardware. You might wish to make sure you have intact backups as well as use Stablebit Scanner or another SMART/diagnostic tool to check the disks in your pool.
  10. I'll clarify, when I say recommendations I'm not asking for a spiel, just a "X is what I'm using" with an implied "it hasn't bitten me (yet)". Like how you mentioned which defragger you use. Also thankyou for highlighting the impact of sector scans re drive workload limits, and welcome to the forums!
  11. I'd be interested in more details on the "sector regenerator", e.g. software recommendations.
  12. I'd suggest using the contact form to let Stablebit know about the problem.
  13. Unless the card does something very very weird, just make sure it's going to treat them as individual drives rather than an actual RAID array and DrivePool should find and recognise them.
  14. Shane

    Warning issued

    Weird. Your account had been flagged, but I can't see any reason for it. Should be fixed now.
  15. If you uninstall DrivePool, any existing pools will retain their content and be automatically re-detected when you reinstall DrivePool. Their duplication levels should be kept, but you may need to recreate any custom balancing/rules you had for them.
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