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  1. Hi, that's exactly what Drivepool did (on its own) the next time I turned on the affected computer. Thanks.
  2. As for Scanner initializing with a timer when you open it, I noticed that here too, and when I go in Services.MSC and scroll down to Stablebit, I usually find the service is NOT running, even though it is set to start automatically. While in services.msc, I can start the service, and then when I open Scanner, it is already running.
  3. I am using drivepool and scanner on 2 computers. The main one is running 16 hours a day, then goes to sleep automatically at night. The backup computer is only running a couple of hours per week; I am lead to believe it is insufficient running time to get the drives scanned. What settings can I change so Scanner can perform its scan much faster ?
  4. The windows notification prompt to update did nothing for me as well this morning, but I noticed I had a Scanner icon in syst tray that offered the update and it worked this way.
  5. UPDATE: Nevermind, I just realized from some reason, the pool drive was not shared anymore, instead it was one of the 3 drive making up the pool that was marked as shared, hence partial remote view/access. With drive pool shared and individual drive unshared, everything is back to normal. Thanks anyway ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For over two years, I have been using Drivepool and Scanner on two computers without issues. Each of those two pc has 2 pools each. This morning, I can't remote access (from other pc on home network) one of the pools on one of the pc . I can access it normally from the host computer and DrivePool looks like its running normally. First pic is the expected normal view from the host pc Here's what I see when I access the same drivepool, but from other pc on my home network.
  6. I am just about ready to proceed, but I have another question Those 3 drives I combined into a pool each carry a folder similarly named (movies). Should I copy this (movies) folder for all 3 drives? What I mean is Windows doesn't let us have 2 folders or 2 files with exact same name in a given location. I wish to end-up with just one (movies) destination folder holding the content of all 3 source movies folders. EDIT: I just created 3 folder named "Test", each containing a "test *.txt" file (* being a, b and c respectively) then moved them to their respective poolpart hidden folder and the end result was perfect, a single Test folder but containing all 3 test a/b/c files
  7. Yes, data on those drives I was searching the forum for "empty pool" and I've seen a couple of reference similar to yours. It just confuse the hell out of me to see the drivepool 16Tb showing the graphical 70% full usage, yet when I double click it, nothing... So yes, I need to move the files over from original location to the new drivepool disk. Just so I dont do anything wrong, what do exactly you mean by "(hidden) directory" I was just about to cut and paste the content of drive X into DrivePool D Now I believe you mean cut and paste content from drive X to the poolpart.bla-bla-bla (hidden) folder just beside it EDIT: Ha-Ha, I realize I just re-wrote your exact instructions, sorry, I'm a little tentative and I just dont want to messup
  8. The title is taken from the user manual. Indeed I combined 3 hard drives in my pool, but when I click on it in Windows Explorer, its empty. I should eventually see those files appearing in the drivepool, right? You must have seen this question a million time already, sorry about that
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