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    Hello, I lost my license email for Stablebit and Scan programs. How do I get these sent to me again?
  2. So in my notification area, I see where an update is available, but clicking on the update icon does nothing. I rebooted and tried again with the same result. Is there a different method to update scanner?
  3. So what should I do in this situation?
  4. Thank you sir. I did get the emails reflecting the license info. I was originally on a 30 day trial. So when I to activate the license key, it says license not found on this machine. I have activated before. The only change was I went from Win 7 to Win 10 probably 3 months ago. I was not using Stablebit software at the time of the change. Is that possibly what is now causing me activation issues?
  5. So I bought a single license for Drivepool. It seems that I lost the information. What is the process to get this info recovered?
  6. I tried rebooting and had the same issue. I verified the services are running. I ended up installing the latest BETA version. It is letting me remove the drive, but it is showing all of my data in the other category. I can still get to it all, but it is a but worrisome. And my new NAS still need 2 days to finish the array build.
  7. SO when I try to remove the one of the 4 drives, it looks like it is trying to remove it, then comes up saying error removing drive. Then if I click error details, it says, The server service is not started.
  8. So I have a drivepool with 6 drives, and a storage spaces with 8 drives. When I look at the scanner, it shows the storage spaces as just one large disk. Will the scanner still scan the individual drives?
  9. So I have my main drivepool of 8 drives and a second drivepool with 4 drives. My question is this: Can I have duplication on my first drivepool and no duplication on the second drivepool? I am copying a folder from the first drivepool to the second one that has duplication turned on. so it looks like it is duplicating on the second drivepool as well.
  10. About ready to rebuild windows from scratch
  11. I used the alternative steps to resetting the settings. And when I reloaded it, it comes up with all of the drives. The drives that have the pooldrive directory on them will say cannot be added to the drivepool twice. I am at a loss.
  12. I did upload the logs on the page you designated. I am using the latest beta version of Stablebit.
  13. As another update. I downloaded and installed the latest Beta build. No change and I lost my troubleshooting options now too.
  14. All of these disks have the poolpart. They were all a part of the pool till I swapped boot drives. And I do not see the alternative steps for the resetting the settings.
  15. New update. When I look at the error details, it tells me that I cannot add this to the Pool twice.
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