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  1. Thanks guys for 2 helpful posts... It probably then makes sense to real time balance and work out how to get SABnzbd (my DL client) to call SnapRAID update (via helper) a few mins after the queue is emptied. That would mean files in right places, no DLs in progress or unpacks and CPU idle so max effort for parity updates etc
  2. Related Qs Scenario: Low powered server & download box. Want to order tasks to avoid them running at same time. e.g. Download queue empties so then execute Balance to move files and then execute SnapRAID to update. Q1: How can I call the DP Balance function (with DP running all the time) just when the Download queue is empty (the downloader can identify and script calling once queue is empty)? Q2: Once Balance is complete how can I then call to SnapRAID to do its stuff?
  3. Thanks.. Finally got it measuring but its reluctant to do what it should re balancing I have it set to (for now) immediate balance on SSD plugin and to move if over 50Gb of data to move. SSD has 140Gb to move but DP sits doing FA....
  4. Ive reset permissions.. it seems to fail on same group of files whenever its measuring and I have reset their permissions twice.. @Christopher (Drashna) ??? Help!
  5. Thanks. I am resetting Windows permissions right now on whole 80TB pool (so might be a while!). Yeah I had files and brought them into the Pool. I am not using Disk Space Equalizer (Covecube recommends NOT to use other plugins with SSD plugin) but SSD Plugin allows ordered placement etc and that isnt happening (probably all down to the permissions and failure to perform measurement on the pool).
  6. fyi, on Win10 latest version the guide is not accurate... may need to update it?
  7. My system doesnt want to measure the whole pool.. I get random errors on some files so I assume that is what stops it finishing? I've deleted files and set them to re-download from other sources but still having issues. And then the balancer in the SSD plugin is not actually moving files. I have LOTS of files (many 100s of GB) that are on the wrong drive for various reasons to do with migrating in from a previous FS and it just does not move them, at all! Even with immediate balance... I guess cos it cannot get the measuring right? Any ideas as I need to get this working!
  8. Sorry if these are dumb Q but not used a Stablebit product for a few years now... I have a GSuite account with unlimited storage. Someone told me that CD requires you specify the size of your drive before you "create" it and I wonder how that works with an Unlimited capacity drive? The posts above seem to imply a hard limit of 9.5Tb or is a Team drive different from a GSuite account?
  9. I can see lots more cheaters still trying - people who follow no-one or just tweet once a week to enter or have only ever tweeted to try to win. By all means let them promote your products but they should have zero chance as they are cheating and having multiple entries too. Bugged me when I tweeted myself to try to win and saw all the fake entries. I'm after a 2nd licence as I split my PCs and want Drivepool on both now See this https://twitter.com/aidzburgerz/followingand guess what the accounts he follows all enter every week too.. so this guy is doing 5 entries a week....
  10. Methanoid

    No Videos at all?

    I thought I'd have a look for YT videos on how SCD works, maybe reviews etc... and nothing. Seems a yawning void that may affect sales???
  11. Its ACD support that holds me back from using CloudDrive...
  12. Cos you have Sidse Babett Knudsen and Birgitte Hjort Sørensen ?
  13. Just take HDD and upload via his BB (not direct) cos it would be miles quicker.. Virgin 200 has 12 upload speed official not 10... Either way.. remains comically slow compared to gigabit up! I can't get BT fibre but VM is fine, except they are "upgrading" my area as it got congestion recently. For 8 years it has been great and always the full speed.. until last 3-6m... Central London you can get gigabit to residential properly (Hyperoptic)... But back to the question.. can U max your 12 or 18 upload to Google Drive? Amazon Cloud etc?
  14. Good point.. useful to know that as well.. I'm UK like you.. but I am thinking I might take a HDD next time I go visit my friend in HK with gigabit upload speed....
  15. cop out.. its for general sale.. so there should be the same compos... surely the Twitter promotion helps sales?
  16. I'm interested to know what providers give what speeds for uploads. i.e. if I have a gigabit connection (I don't) which providers will allow me to maximise that speed when uploading? Please reply with 1) Your upload speed (both advertised and best real world speed ever achieved or Speedtest.net result) 2) Your provider you tested 3) The speed you got with that provider If you have slow upload speed and you maximise that, that sort of info isn't really needed.. I am interested in which providers support the fastest REAL WORLD upload speeds... Thanks in advance Meth
  17. Get on with it then I think I have access now to an unlimited Google Drive so I'm just about ready for it !!
  18. :( I'd tweet away regularly for a chance to even get the beta
  19. If it IS supported now could the topic be amended? If it ISN'T could the 1st Post be updated with current status/ETA/speed limitations etc I note with a LOT of interest that ACD is now much cheaper https://www.engadget.com/2016/08/24/amazon-unlimited-cloud-storage/and actually forgot I got a 2 year deal on this which I have not used.. so would love to use your product with this....
  20. Proper non tapatalk post! Yes, I used FR and also got licence-cheated (IMHO)... DrivePool works well, offers SSD caching. Licence belongs to you not your hardware. Support is more active than FR (go to forums and compare Drashna vs Brahim). Offers duplication of files (not avail under FR). Add SnapRAID (Free) if you want parity protection too.
  21. Buy it. You won't regret it. You don't get screwed over for hardware changes like Flexraid and the product does so much more than just pooling and again much better than Flexraid pool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Hi Chris, thanks for such a full reply... Win10 x64 running DP Re Other Files: I have in a given HDD root directory: $RECYCLE.BIN PoolPart.f3237f6a-b814-40a2-b137-07dffb12bb82 System Volume Information Within the Poolpart directory I have $RECYCLE.BIN (ANOTHER!!!) .covefs My_Video (My files!!) System Volume Information (ANOTHER) Q: So which Recycle Bin(s) can I safely delete and allow Windows/DP to recreate? ----- Re: Folders being created? It's just empty folders it seems now. I don't have any more files in wrong places as far as I can tell. But if I see any sign of it I will start logging ----- Re: Universal Recycle - I can't really do permissions as such. Wife does need to edit files and occasionally delete stuff. I'll just tell her if she cocks up its not on my head (and then standby for my imminent death when she deletes something she wanted!!!) ----- Re: Sorted enumerated folders - thanks for the pointer. I'm having a general sluggishness in my file systems (I feel like I am writing to floppy disks not 100Mb/s hard disks) so am not gonna take any more performance hits. I think i just need 50Tb of SSDs instead!!
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