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  1. Any updates on this? Through work I have several unlimited team drives. It would be nice to be able to use them with Cloud Drive.
  2. Is this still accurate? I just for scanner, but I don't see how to switch it to drivepool
  3. Thanks for the response! It sounds like you guys have it handled. I tweeted this week, I need another licence to run on the NAS I'm going to be building this week! I hope I win it, If not I'll probably just buy it again. Thanks again for your help, -e
  4. So something I've noticed recently, is that some of the 'Tweets' for the stablebit giveaway seem to be from people with multiple accounts. Most of the tweets are from accounts with 0 followers, 0 following, and only tweet once a week for the contest. Exhibit A 3 Accounts, named @555Helo, @helo3212 and @123helo2. All have 0 following and 0 followers, and no tweets other than entering the contest each week every week, within a few minutes of eachother, along with a dozen other accounts. I wouldn't be suprised if they are all the same person or bot, but the 3 helo's are obviously tied tog
  5. Thanks for your response, and I apologize for the loaded question. I noticed that exact behavior when uploading, It would almost fill my C: drive, and then the copy would be slowed to almost nothing. So that's working just as It should! I've been copying about 150gb at a time, and waiting a few days for it to upload, which is a little tedious, but that's mostly due to my slow upload speed. Thanks for your help -e
  6. Thanks for your response, How would CloudDrive handle being 'overloaded', Would I be able to upload all 4tb at once? Or would it start having problems when the cache fills up and It can't upload fast enough? I have the Cache set to 100gb on my C: drive, Would I be able to set a very large cache (4tb) and move it to my drivepool to help with the initial upload?
  7. My Idea right now, is to schedule a copy job, copying everything over from the pool into the cloud drive and set it to run nightly or something. But I would like to set this up within drivepool, so it would happen on the fly.
  8. I have a High capacity CloudDrive drive set up, What I would like to do is use it as a complete backup of my local Drivepool pool, what would be the best way to go about this? My current pool is 3 HDD's and 10TB (not full yet). I would like to use the clouddrive as a complete 1 to 1 backup of my pool. Thanks for your help -e
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