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  1. Ah my bad, I read that backwards, I was reading the upload as 50Mb/s although since then it has dropped. it is only going between 700KB/s and 1MB/s. Id be happy(ish) if I could get a steady 20mbit (2.5MB/s) it is going to take forever at this speed Edit: although after reading the plex news amazon might not be the way to go. Which stinks since they had the best deal.
  2. Not sure if this is related but maybe it will be helpful to someone I had an issue where my cache drive was filling up and it ended up being because the ACD software was running and going crazy trying to sync on it's own and had made a boat load of its own files that filled the drive. I exited the amazon software (In fact i ended up uninstalling it) deleted all of the random files it made and havent had an issue since.
  3. I know ACD is capped with the upload speed but are there any tips to maximize the performance. Mine is all over the place but usually only like 3MB/s
  4. Thanks for the reply I found how to turn the drive on and encrypted it. I don't mind the slow upload but I was concerned about the "I may lose my data because it's an experimental provider" is the throttling the only open issue with Amazon or are there other issues I may run into?
  5. Hey all, just catching up on this thread. Any new developments? At $60/year for unlimited storage i think this is the only deal out there like that. I have ~20TB that i keep backed up locally right now that i would like to move the the cloud
  6. Hey all, right now i have 2x local drive pools of 21TB each (1 Primary and then 1 backup). Since i am almost out of space i was looking for other options other than more drives. I was thinking of taking advantage of Amazon's $60/yr unlimited storage deal and then backing up all my data there which would allow me to use my current backup drives to expand my primary pool. I have heard amazon is notorious for disabling of accounts of people if they find any content they dont consider to be on the "up and up" but from what i read this will encrypt the data so they cant easily spot what it is. Right now i use software called Allwaysync to keep the two pools exactly the same so my hope would be with cloud drive i could do the same. Thoughts? edit: oh, any easy way to limit the upload speed? I don't want to 100% max my connection for 2 weeks lol
  7. My main pool is up and running now, I am using Allway Sync to Sync to the backup pool now, I figure this was a good solution because if I ever lost data in the main pool, I could just flip the direction of the sync and recover whatever is missing. Just to confirm though, say I had a lower capacity drive that I wanted to replace and I remove it, assuming I have the space on the other drives will the software move the data off of that drive and put it on the other drives? (I have a couple 2TB drives I am using for now but will replace in the near future) Also think I am going to nab a copy of DriveScanner as well, that seems like a good one to run in combo with DrivePool. Thanks again, nice to find some software that makes this easy. Dealing with this much data is usually a pain
  8. I don't believe that would have worked in my case, once I removed the drives from the windows storage pool the drives were not even visible to SBDP as the drives appeared unformatted. Only 17hrs left of copying anyways haha Thanks again, I read several positive reviews online outside of OCN so I decided to give it a shot
  9. Cool, thank you for your help Just installed the trial and I am copying my data into the pool now. Probably will pick up a license for it in the next couple days, just wanted to install and see what its like first
  10. Hi all, Someone on overclock.net pointed me this direction as i was looking for an alternative to the Windows 10 storage pools and i had a few questions so i figured i would ask here. Right now my pool is backing up because I made the mistake of creating it with a 4KB cluster size so I hit the 16TB limit but I figured since I had to re-create the pool I would investigate other options. 1. I don't like that the Win10 "simple" pool is basically striping my data. I don't want to deal with having to rebuild the entire pool if one drive fails, from what I read SBDP would take care of that issue correct? (I would only lose the data on the actual drive that failed) 2. That said, if I do have a drive failure will the software let me know what data I have lost? I will have a 1:1 backup available but I don't want to have to dig through everything trying to figure out what is missing, 3. With regards to the backup, I am not sure how to best handle that. It will be equal to my main pool size wise but most of the drives will be slower than what is in the main pool so I didn't think mirroring them would be good as I don't want the performance of my slower drives impacting my main drives. This will be for a plex server that I am running and I estimate about 30TB in the main pool and then another 30TB in the backup. Let me know if you need any more info. Thank you -Bill
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