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  1. EDIT: Should make out I am pretty pleased with DrivePool but no software is perfect!! The "Other" category. I saw a nice post explaining how it's all the odds and ends etc but each of my HDDs seems to have 500Mb or more of this. Does DP do any cleaning of this junk? Does it also check or recreate missing Recycle bins? I am thinking that if it does then I might delete these and see if the recreated ones are less space used? It just seems that any good program should be as clean and tidy as it can be!!! DP doesn't seem to respect its own placement rules. I have a "scratch" HDD for most usage. But I see DP is doing downloads and other intensive actions on other HDDs not in the rules. DP also seems to create files on drives that the file placement rules say NO to... but with empty directories. I have manually remove such directories from all HDDs in the pool but they keep re-appearing. You don't see them of course as they are inside the hidden folders on each HDD but why create something that isn't needed? Also makes it harder to find where files physically are if you need to sort out a mess later. Could DP not have functionality to delete such empty directories it creates. Not directories that have been user created though as some people might need empty dirs or some programs look for them to store save files in. Q: Does DP have a universal recycle? If a network access user deletes a file from the pool is it totally gone or could it be moved to a temporary Bin that could either be manually or automatically/regularly emptied? Useful if your family accidentally hit Delete on that 10Tb "Videos" directory!!!!??? One nice feature on Flexraid (included in its Pool functionality) is the ability to mark the directory date with the date of the latest file created within it. Might not seem useful but it can be handy to be able to sort directories by file accessed date (your most active directories can be on top of list). Worth "borrowing"?
  2. Win10. Latest (last week install) DP. I think I may have resolved. Standby. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  3. I've just had Steam throw several errors when I am trying to install games The Steam library placement rules say it goes all on the one HDD (3Tb, with 464Gb free). I get "An Error occurred while installing Lost Planet 3 (not enough disk space)" - Really? 464Gb free guys?!?!?? I'm also finding Google Drive isn't happy being on the pool (regularly craps out). Since I stored my documents on Drive (and on 2 local disks using Pool) I now cannot use Google Drive Does Drive Pool not like having live apps on it?
  4. Might want to update that... Was just about to hit BUY at the combo price and went to website to see it's actually $20 more with the Clouddrive I am not really after :-(
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