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  1. I have never tried "CHKDSK / R" on a 2TB disk before, and I was curious to see how long it would take, and whether it would be successful. Luckily, where I live is not subject to power failures; if there had been one during the 6-day CHKDSK, that might well have resulted in the loss of all of the data. The disk-check program that I have is "DiskCheckUp" version 3. It does display SMART data, but I am not convinced by it. There is one datum that is displayed in red ("Raw read error rate"), but the status displayed for that datum is "OK". I am currently looking at how to re-organise my data, and have been looking as NAS systems. Although they can offer protection against disk failures, they seem to do so by storing data in a proprietary form, so that in an "emergency" it is not possible to remove a disk and connect it directly to a Windows PC. Also, most NAS do not seem to support true low-power states (i.e. hibernation). I want a system that will automatically hibernate if it has not been used for (say) 10-15 minutes, and then wake up in response to a magic packet over the LAN. That is why I have returned to looking at a drive-pool solution implemented on a normal Windows system acting as a server. That gives easy expansion by adding another disk, but every disk can be accessed individually if necessary. -- from CyberSimian in the UK
  2. Recently one of my Western Digital "My Book" external USB disks developed some bad blocks. I noticed this when file copies to the disk continued indefinitely. The Windows System Event Log showed "bad block on drive n". I thought it worth trying "CHKDSK /R" to see if it would recover anything. The disk is a 2TB Western Digital green disk. The disk contained approximately 600 recorded-TV files (movies), and was around 70% full. "CHKDSK /R /V" took just over 6 days to complete (running continuously). 29 files were identified as having bad blocks. 5GB of the disk was identified as bad. I have not yet tried reading any files on this disk, so I do not know whether all files were recovered successfully. I am intending to copy the contents to a new disk. -- from CyberSimian in the UK
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