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Feature request - Automatically add new drives to a pool



Hey guys, so I was thinking about this being a possible feature in a future release for the developers. Would come in handy for headless servers/servers with hot-swap enclosures, etc


Basically, you could tell Drivepool to automatically add a newly installed drive to a pool when you plug in a drive.


If you have only 1 pool, it would automatically add it to that pool.


If you have more than 1 pool, it could be chosen like this for example:

If a new disk is installed, automatically add it to the following pool

[ ] Pool 1


[X] Pool 2


[ ] Pool 3

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Well, for headless systems... if you have DrivePool 2.X installed, run "dpcmd". :)

It lets you add drives to the pool from a command line, actually. I've used it a bit in scripting for a test system I've been playing with. It definitely work sell. 


I've also been pushing Alex to add PowerShell support for a while now. Especially as enabling remote sessions for PowerShell is very simple. ;)

But, as you can enable that, and use the dpcmd utility.... :)



As for automatically adding disks, I can see how this could go very wrong, very fast.  However, I've passed the suggestion onto Alex, and we'll see.

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