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restoring a backup image seems to blow cloud drives to pieces


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so before i bother to set these cloud drives up again, i have to know if options exist to make this less of an issue.

I did some testing last night i knew could have ended up badly.  (lotta registry work) and instead of keeping track my intention was to simply "reset" by restoring an image i'd taken beforehand.

well, i did just that and was immediately hammered with i/o errors in the clouddrive ui.  i tried clearing caches and re-authorizing and reconnecting and every option they all gave me short of destroying the drives, and in the end the errors from the providers could not be stymied.  

fortunately I'm just getting started with clouddrive so nothing of value was lost but i'm curious if this is to be expected and would be the result anytime i restore an image?  It wasnt like i rolled back through iterations of cloud drive and weeks of time or anything.  it was earlier in the day and nothing was added to clouddrive(s) in the interim.

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Hmm. I'm curious: What kind of IO errors? Was it a problem with reading the data from the cache drive? Or was it a problem retrieving the data from the cloud? Did you take a screenshot or something of those messages?

I guess both shouldn't happen. In the Manage Drive menu there is an option Data integrity -> Upload verification. If you enable this, then each data uploaded will be immediately downloaded again to check whether it was stored correctly at your cloud provider. Of course this eats twice the bandwith, but at least you will immediately be aware of corruption with your cloud data, the connection or something, right at upload time. Think about enabling it for testing purposes.

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