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Any word on pricing?


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since notifications seem to be migrating in that direction (understandable) and theres a need for a somewhat stable revenue stream (understandable) I have no qualms surrounding the cloud service being subscription based.  I just hope its priced fair enough that I can justify the cost.   For people with gargantuan homelabs or that run small offices with a few servers it will hold more value.   For a home user that simply wants a bit of convenience I'd argue it epitomizes the word "extra" for sure. 

just curious if theres been any numbers thrown about or when we can plan to see it make the transition?  i've just started using stablebit softwares over the past week so if this has been talked about before, i apologize.  I did a search of this forum and nothing popped up. 

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1 hour ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

Internally, there has, yeah. 

But one of our goals for the pricing is to to keep it reasonable, so that it's attractive to everyone. 


lol well, i expected vague, and thats what I got.  "reasonable" is entirely relative.  is asking ballpark still expecting too much at this point in time?  (understand if thats the case)

could be something like perpetual beta akin to makemkv.  thats been "free while in beta" for like 10 years now :P

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mmm.  a per device is rough.  for minimal devices id prefer xxx a month up to 2 or 3 devices, then 1/m per additional device.   will have to look into it and mull it over more.  while i like the idea of supporting stablebit a bit more, nowadays im "subscriptioned" to death.  literally its insane.   A dollar a month i can submit to, but im not going to simply cover one device lol.

thanks for the link

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mkay, i was suckered in.   mostly to support covecube (totally need to change company name to stablebit, confusing) but id be lying if i didnt say it was also in part to keep remote notifications on my phone etc, just in case.

now since i feel like im on the board, where's my dark mode.  speak up fellow shareholders!~

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