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Looking for recommendation - best harddrives



I was checking Scanner yesterday and noticed that two of the drives in my 10 drive drivepool are quite old at this point. 

I have two 8TB Reds in the computer and 8 more drives in a pair of MediaSonic Proboxes which are Reds, Blues and some really old Greens that I didn't catch the parking on until they were up in the 250K+ park count. Those have been running fine ever since I fixed that with wdidle3 tool 8 years ago. 

I have a data job that requires a pair of 8 or 10TB drives that I will then put in my drivepool.

Hoping some people here might have recommendations. The last Red I bought was a 4TB I just put in my mom's Tivo Premiere 4 for $89:

    WD - Red Plus 4TB Internal SATA NAS Hard Drive for Desktops
    Model: WDBAVV0040HNC-WRSN
    SKU: 6449002    
  Use case is streaming movie files

EDIT - have been shopping and researching the past hour - what is the deal with 7200RPM Red drives?

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Yeah, the chia/chai/whatever storage crypto has wrecked the market for drives.  And enterprise drives may be cheaper, simply because fo supply/demand issues. 

Part of why I mentioned them, because I'd noticed that a while ago, and it still seems to hold true. 

Also, enterprise drives tend to have longer warranty periods, too. 

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