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Swapped in new drive but Drivepool will not do a "Balance" even with the Drive Space Equalizer



Yesterday Scanner tells me we have an impeding drive failure so I evacuated the drive and swapped a new one into the pool. But even after forcing a Rebalance (using the Disk Space EQ plugin) - Drivepool has been sitting here for over an hour "building bucket lists" and not moving anything.

What is the deal with this plugin - does it actually do anything or is it conflicting with the other 5 plugins I have installed - which seemingly never seem to balance anything either?

I remember a few year back - I would swap in a new drive, add it to the pool and almost immediately Drive Pool would start balancing and moving files to ensure each drive was nicely filled - now it seems no matter what I throw at the problem - it does not want to do anything unless forced?


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I am in a similar situation, I had a 4 disk pool at 80% usage, so I added a 5th drive and its now sitting a 1% usage, while 4 original drives still show 80% full.

EDIT Possible solution:

Looks like a new plugin (Disk Space Equalizer) is required to be added, I have managed to get balancing to work


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